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dBpm Announces Daniel Johnston Live Album With Tweedy

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dBpm Records will release Chicago 2017’ featuring nine selections from Daniel Johnston’s final Chicago performances at The Vic Theatre in 2017. The vinyl-only release due on January 31 also contains five tracks recorded by Johnston while backed by Tweedy at Wilco‘s The Loft studio facility.

Johnston, who died last September at the age of 58, performed two shows at The Vic in October 2017 while on his final tour. Johnston was supported by a different group of musicians in each city the tour visited and in Chicago he was backed by Tweedy — Jeff Tweedy, Spencer Tweedy, James Elkington, Darin Gray and Liam Kazar. The same set of musicians also participated in the recording session at The Loft.

“There is and was only one Daniel,” Jeff Tweedy stated. “And to be able to work with him and help present his music was a huge honor for me and the band, one for which we are all very thankful.“

Proceeds from the sales of Chicago 2017 — limited to 2,000 black, blue, and white splatter vinyl-only copies — will benefit the non-profit organization Hi, How Are You Project (HHAY) that was established with support from Johnston and his family.

“Jeff Tweedy and Wilco have been incredible ambassadors of Daniel’s music for years,” said Johnston’s manager and HHAY co-founder, Tom Gimbel. “So many fans have discovered Daniel’s work through covers and interviews by notable artists such as Jeff and Wilco – and we are certainly grateful. I think this album captures the perfect Daniel Johnston setlist and does so with Jeff and the band’s expert musicianship and thoughtful arrangements. I’m so glad that this show from Daniel’s last tour was recorded with such care. It’s something fans will be able to enjoy forever.”

Stream “Worried Shoes” performed live at The Vic below:


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All of the songs of his that i've heard performed by other artists are wonderful, but I just can't deal with his voice.  I want to get excited about this release, but the preview track is kind of difficult to listen to.

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