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Did anyone see Wilco live outdoors at Carleton College (MN) in 2000?

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I'm curious if anyone, by the longest of long shots, happened to go to this show. It was my first Wilco show and I'm trying to write about it for a personal project. I'd love to test out my memories of the concert and see if anyone shares them or if I'm making things up-- it was a long time ago!


Setlist here: https://wilcoworld.net/tour_date_type/2000-05-06-carleton-college/

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I was at the show, the setlist is accurate as far as I can tell. I think the encore break was just before Airline to Heaven. I don't even think Mermaid Ave #2 was released yet.


I recall it was a really pleasant spring day that started late afternoon. The show took place on the east side of campus in an open area that was called "3 Oaks" even though by that time a huge storm took out one of the trees reducing it to "2 Oaks". I would guess 500-700 people there.


I do not think Tweedy was wearing a tracksuit. I think he was wearing a Hawaii "99" tee-shirt.


While students were not allowed to bring beverages to the show, a few came up with a genius idea to bury a keg on the premises the night before to enjoy throughout the event.


After several pleas asking if Gary Louris would be making a guest appearance, Tweedy had to let the crowd down indicating he was out of town.

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