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Scott the Hoople appreciation thread

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This here is just a topic to rave about and plug Scott McCaughey's album SCOTT THE HOOPLE - NEIL (Vol. 1), his cover album of Neil Young songs. I picked it up from his Bandcamp last week and can't say enough about how great it is (forgive if there's a thread somewhere already)....




First, the reason it exists is amazing enough, in and of itself.....as therapy to recover from the debilitating stroke he suffered just 4 years ago. The fact that he went from a condition of having to relearn how to talk and play music to this recording (as he writes about in the b-camp liner notes), is nothing but an inspiring tale of will, talent and spirit. NEIL (Vol.1) digs deep, and it's so great to hear these renditions. How they create a new perspective while getting just as psychedelic and out there as Neil does. Each song is a beauty.

I can't say where The Minus 5 album STROKE MANOR fits in with this set of songs, in regards to when they were all recorded and how they might represent different stages of recovery (or not), but each record is a triumph, IMHO acronym. It was a beam of light and a thrill to see Scott at 2019's Solid Sound with the Minus 5, but to hear these songs, the way he interpreted and played and recorded them, is exactly what it means to overcome whatever might be bringing you down, through the beauty of creativity and craft. 

I recommend it!


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