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A message for Kidsmoke re: Jay Bennett!

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Hello!  I was a VC member here from years and years ago so I'm sure we interacted at one point.  I'd just like to ask...


Could you help me find an audio copy of Jay's PALACE 1919?  I know you are a big Jay fan, and I've seen your posts and stuff over the years.


Jay and LeRoy are huge inspirations for me.  I've taken lessons from LeRoy years ago and recently re-connected... very exciting.  Jay was a myth, a legend that I got to contact, see live, interact and talk with.  He talked to me about some guitar questions years ago, and at his show supporting The Magnificent Defeat in 2006 at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, I finally got to meet and talk to him... he signed my poster, personalized it and drew a caricature of himself!


I've been digging back to gather all his solo material I can find but... PALACE 1919 is the one that is most elusive.  I had it physically in my hands like 20 something years ago!



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If you look around a lot of people have been trying to find that album. It seems to be not available.



I don't really chase after cds anymore. But I went through this recently with an album called Through The Devil Softly (Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions). It is available - but only for a lot of money. The same with an album by a group called The Springfield Rifle that I would like to have. At least the stuff is on Youtube.

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