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Uncle Tupelo at Lounge Ax: 03/07/92?

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Saw this on Factory Belt and I am beyond intrigued. Can anybody hook me up? I need to hear this! (Sorry if this is posted to the wrong forum. I'm rusty.)


03/07/92 - Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL

I Wanna Destroy You (electric)/ Factory Belt/ Nothing/ Fall Down Easy/ Watch Me Fall/ Flatness/ Punch Drunk/ Cold Shoulder/ Outdone/ D.Boon/ Still Be Around/ Postcard/ True To Life/ Train/ Discarded/ Gun/ Graveyard Shift/ I Found That Essence Rare/ Whiskey Bottle/ Love's Gonna Live Here Again/ Brand New Cadillac/ No Depression/ The Concept/ Life Worth Livin'/ Good Guys Don't Wear White/ Otherside/ Blue Eyes/ Smells Like Teen Spirit-Steppin' Stone (cuts)


Ween opened this show. Very good audience recording. One of the band's very best performances, this tape has long been a fan favorite. Only known versions of "Brand New Cadillac," "The Concept" (inspired by the recent shows opening for Teenage Fanclub), and "Good Guys Don't Wear White." Tragically, the circulating tape ends half-way through the "Smells Like Teen Spirit-Steppin' Stone" medley.

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