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a few subscription changes

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as it was pointed out, "contributing member" might make some feel that if they don't donate, they won't be considered as contributing to this site, which could not be further from the truth, but i see where the concern was.


so i've changed the levels to Gold ($10) & Silver ($5). currently everyone who has purchased a subscription has only done the Gold level, but i'm hoping that some people may opt for the Silver level as well.


this was not an easy decision, nor something we came to overnight. It had been on the table for quite a while now, and we felt that now was the time. We wish one of us was independently wealthy, or someone offered us a killer deal on hosting, but we had to take charge and do what we felt was best for the longevity and health of this community. we realize that some people may not be totally excited or happy about this decision, and that's fine, you have a right to be concerned, but i'm asking you to trust that we've put every effort and thought into our decisions, and would only do what we feel is best for this fine community. i'd like to liken our model to that of NPR, and other publicly funded TV/Radio stations. as a result of this site now being funded by it's users, you will have a much greater collective voice as to what sort of things you'd like to see, suggestions, etc.


and once again, i can't stress it enough, do not feel pressured or feel you need to contribute money to be considered a valued member of this community. also, do not feel as though your decision to donate or not to donate will have an affect on how you are viewed as a member of this forum, both by the admins, and by the other members. obviously we greatly appreciate those who are willing to help out and donate, but we also understand there will be many who will not, and we don't need any reasons as to why that may be. if there are cases of this happening, where people are cracking jokes about a members donation or non-donation status, we will do our best to curb it, even if it is jokingly or in jest. everyone is ALWAYS more than welcome here, whether you donate to keep it running or not.


if anyone else has any other suggestions or concerns regarding the whole subscription thing, feel free to PM me or one of the other admins before starting a thread to debate the pros and cons of asking for donations or whatever, as that decision has already been made.

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