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  1. Thankful doesn't begin to describe it. Maybe I'm just old and crotchety? Or maybe they are quite bad, for the reasons you described so eloquently and accurately. Their between song 'banter' was painful and I kept waiting for some sort of redeeming quality in the music/lyrics. Even the electric guitar player, who was obviously quite talented, couldn't counteract the mess the other two were making. This is all just my opinion, so who cares? But I just had to say it. Yikes...
  2. Once upon a time, weren't pre-sale passwords emailed to those who had signed up for Wilco HQ updates? Maybe things have changed... Anyway, I would really appreciate a password PM so I can book a flight to see the show with my brother. Check this out - I saw Jeff solo in Nashville 4 yrs. ago or so...a member of this forum, through this forum, gave me a ticket for free...I bought him a beer at the show - he wouldn't take any money for the ticket. Incredibly generous of him. Thanks, man! Thanks, Will
  3. I'm trying to help my bro in Denver out... Anybody know the password? He gets great seats = me tempted to fly out and join him! Thanks a lot, Will
  4. An unexpected trip back to Chicago and the band is in town! Thanks in advance! Will whrrides@yahoo.com
  5. Here's a little thing my son and his friend did... Part of the young Obama Nation! Thanks again to the band for signing my son's guitar...
  6. It's good to see young people passionately paying attention... Anyone else come across any music vids they'd like to share? Will R.
  7. Ha! I have more faith in Neil than that....seems he had an inkling of what was gonna happen almost 3 yrs ago http://neilyoung.com/lwwtoday/lwwvideos/lo...der-doc_wm.html
  8. I didn't think I'd be in town for this, but since I will be I gotta take a shot at tickets. Two would be splendid...three phenomenal (my wife should really see Wilco live sometime). I'm at whrrides@yahoo.com. Much obliged, Wilco faithful! Will
  9. The first migraine I recall was during a basketball game in 7th grade (MANY moons ago - the only available decent hoops shoes were Chucks). The whole left half of the backboard was 'gone' when I looked at the hoop. Weird and scary at the time. For years , these episodes of partial blindness and visual distortions (chrystallines, M Christine?) would always culminate in crazy-bad pain and finally vomiting after a couple hours, which would end the whole episode. I, too, now only have visual disturbances which typically begin with a small blind spot and sometimes develope into elaborate flas
  10. Hey! Isn't that a Wilco-signed strat? Nice.
  11. LWW absolutely nails it for me. NY has that kind of an effect on me. Can't wait to see the show tomorrow night...
  12. Check out acousticguitarforum.com You will find knowledgeable Taylor people there, along with many fine instruments for sale. My son has a 410CE limited that sounds great. Good luck!
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