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  1. I love John Prine, I think he's one of the greatest songwriters of all time easy....his music is priceless but are his concert tickets worth 50+ bucks?
  2. this has to be the best release of the year so far....
  3. I never gave to much credit to reviewers or critics. This review makes my point stronger, I guess i have to keep in mind that the guy wrote this review is the same guy who goes on VH1 and talkes about new photos of ______ (insert lame celebrity here).
  4. After seeing their video and hearing the song "start a war" I am really excited for the release of this one, almost as excited as I am for sky blue sky here's a link to the video http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1fwmf_40...art-a-war"
  5. Rick Moranis- The agoraphobic Cowboy....
  6. Although I cannot make it to the show, financial reasons and unreliable car I would love to get a poster by Johnny Lackey, is there anyway?
  7. dunno why todd rundgren is a guilty pleasure.....I have always been impressed with the majority of his stuff.............
  8. I never thought this day would come.........I will be in cincinnati hope to see everyone
  9. All Things Must Pass............. EASY!
  10. there will never be another bill hicks, its just not possible
  11. Yeah I dunno I agree with Matt Z I don't think Mencia is funny but those jokes he was stealing were just incoherent observations. They are both just a bunch of nonsense. I just frown upon Rogan because he was so agressive and I just don't know what his motive is? What does he have to prove, I mean I don't think if I took a seven day seminar on how to deliver a persuasive speech I could convince anyone that his version of the man show didn't totally suck! I think Joe Rogan is just trying to be Bill Hicks or something of that nature when he couldn't shine Bill Hicks shoes. I don't really know where Mencia is coming from because I have never been into that brand of comedy
  12. is there anywhere you can find a free download of winrar?
  13. What songs does he play on this, and what is the sound like? Does he just do guitar work? Does he mess around with his Mac at all? Just curious? Very interesting, everytime I download it it won't work but I am very willing to continue until sucessful
  14. They Ran (Live version) unbelievable Lowdown Old September Blues
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