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  1. as it's been two or three forevers since I've visited this beautifully-decorated place. I reckon that, at this point, 90% of you are saying "who the f is this saying hi?" Well I'm saying hi to you as well, and to the 10% who remember me, let's take another ride on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier. And let's take a carpet from the Golden Nugget Diner. I hear that Detective Ron Tugnutt has retired.
  2. Here's to the second half, folks... except for a small handful of teams, everybody's got a shot!
  3. Definitely bittersweet. Massive kudos to the law enforcement folks, but all I can think of are the victims and their loved ones and all of the hurt that they're just starting to process.
  4. Today's mood: soundy. And gardeny. And maybe a bit beery in an hour or so.
  5. I think it's only been, like, a decade since I've posted here at VC? I just wanted to say hello to you guys, tell you that I hope that all is well in your world, and to enjoy your day to the fullest extent possible without a prescription (or with a prescription if that's your thing). xoxoxo -mart
  6. Happy birthday to everyone born in the past 365 days!
  7. ...and for those of you keeping score, that's a 1953 Gibson J-185 that Jeff played on this lovely evening. He said it needed a bit of love after he purchased it, but he also said it is pretty much the only acoustic guitar on the new album. Lovely tone, very focused. He called it a "very forgiving" guitar... one of those rare ones that sounds good even if it's slightly out of tune.
  8. Just heard this on CNN, don't see anything on the web about it... Before he began speaking this morning, President Obama (I still love writing that) said something to the effect of... "Before I begin, can I make a quick comment? My daughters' school was closed today because of the snow. In Chicago, they wouldn't even call this snow. My daughters both said, 'In Chicago, school is never cancelled because of snow.' And my 7-year-old said, "If this much snow fell in Chicago, we'd still be going outside for recess!' "We're gonna need to apply some flinty Chicago toughness down here."
  9. wishing you a marvelous birthday, mchris! -mart
  10. Happy happy Birthday, Donna Dearest, with lots and lots of love from Patti and I! xoxo -mart
  11. Aw, that's sad news... rest in peace, Mr. Newman.
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