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  1. Why is it that someone's honest reaction to a lyric is wrong because "everyone around her didn't" react in the same way in which she did? I've always found a lot of dark humor in Via Chicago, and that first line works nicely on a variety of levels. The Handsome Family songs live in the macabre too -- there's humor in So Much Wine. Do we want to "correct" her emotional response to a loaded lyric simply because it's not received with the same reverence we've accorded to it and then call her a "newbie"? Man, tough crowd, I'd say.
  2. I know it's early, but I'm looking for two or four for the show in Madison in February (2/20). thanks
  3. From my vantage point (back section), the house seemed 75-80% full. There was a large section of empties near me (40-50 seats) in the second section and a lot of scattered empties. I agree that the show was under-advertised. The school benefit shows get close to sold out at the Vic and have higher ticket prices. There was no listing on Wilcoworld either that I saw.
  4. Jeff was great. Peter...not so much. Tough crowd for a stand-up. Fortunately, he wasn't on for long. I was surprised that so many seats were empty. Hate it Here sounds good acoustic. Good Bob Weir story after the Ripple opening (in response to a shout out) -- paraphrase: at some unnamed festival, Bob walks into the Wilco dressing room by mistake. He stands staring for a moment and says, "Carry on". Jeff: "And I wouldn't have it any other way."
  5. Great stuff tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow. According to Jeff ("For real"), there'll be a photoshoot at 5pm tomorrow of the line waiting to get into the Pabst. Get there early. I'll leave the setlist to other more accurate folks. Pot Kettle Black was great.
  6. "Just don't forget to say goodbye when he's gone"
  7. FYI http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=184125
  8. Hi. I have an extra Wednesday and need Saturday to complete the run. Straight up trade anyone? pm or terrapin@uwm.edu
  9. Hi Gang at ViaChicago. I waited too long to get tix through ticketmaster and now they seem to be gone. Is the concert sold out? Does anyone have a one they can sell me? The benefit show at the Vic last April was great and I'd hate to miss this one. PM if you can help, please. Thanks, Ben
  10. Thanks for taping and sharing. Can you share where you'll torrent so we can keep an eye out?
  11. Just got home from Wilco in Milwaukee. If they are coming anywhere near you, go. The band is wicked tight and clearly having fun. We've all heard the songs before, but they're playing as well as the Kicking TV shows at the Vic. Peace.
  12. Hi everyone. I am also looking for two for this Madison show. email: terrapin@uwm.edu Thanks, Ben.
  13. Is there art for his show somewhere?
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