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  1. I did that for the first night (via obsessive/internet poll illegal level of ballot box stuffing) to no avail. Fake Plastic Trees is hands down my favorite song of all time and I got to hear Jeff do it at a solo show back in 2009. Could you imagine Nels doing Jonny's lead on that song?! My head would explode. Best of luck!
  2. This was the first Wilco show for me in far too long, having missed out on the Tweedy run. To me, Jeff came out looking a little off, and it didn't show for the vast majority of the show. It was apparent when he flubbed a few lyrics, including the whole second verse of Late Greats. Whatever, shit happens. That was my first experience with Feed of Man in any capacity, and it really blew me away. The band had fun and I think the audience was quite receptive of a song they (likely) had never heard before. It certainly needs to make an appearance in more sets! The highlight for me was the seco
  3. I walked right into that one... I must say, after Jeff did his, I find myself saying "It could always be worse" a lot more.
  4. Most forecasts are saying upper 30's on Friday and near 40° on Saturday, but the best part: it will be dry (outside of maybe a few snow showers early Friday morning). Low temperatures should be very close to 30°, so the hardcore queuers will not have to bundle up as much as during the Residency. Winds could be a problem on Friday though. I'm mostly paying attention to the Friday and Saturday shows, as they are the ones I'll attend, but I'll keep tabs and give updates on the weather for next week's shows too. Are there any other meteorologists on the VC boards?
  5. From what I could cobble together this afternoon: Adult Jazz - Gist Is (might have to be my #1 of the year and "Spook" is my song of 2014, hands down) St Vincent - s/t (this would be a crazy close #2) New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers (and this is also way up there) Tweedy - Sukierae Ty Segall - Manipulator Damien Rice - My Favourite Faded Fantasy Beck - Morning Phase Taylor Swift - 1989 (no, seriously) Elbow - The Take Off and Landing of Everything Tune-Yards - Nikki Nack Gabriel Kahane - The Ambassador Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal Sylvan Esso - s/t The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dre
  6. This... I'm always skittish around needles and avoid at all costs. And I don't think they'd let a 27 year old, healthy adult get the nasal mist.
  7. I bet they will be more "flash in the pan". I say that owning both albums and loving them. It's going to be a brilliant flash, but I can't see them sticking around with this type of quality output for too much longer. Maybe another album or two.
  8. Y'all have ruined a goddam fantastic Lotti post! Jeff looks like a middle-aged man from Illinois *gasp*
  9. My first thought too, especially in the first handful of seconds.
  10. http://www.jonkmusic.com/daily/2013/12/28/best-songs-of-2013-100-71.html That basically takes care of a lot of the good indie songs this year.
  11. These all involve the same women, but their voices are too good to pass up. The first two are songs from the Lucius LP (I go back and forth between which song I like more). The third is from San Fermin. Again, the harmonies, ugh. Very reminiscent of the Dirty Projectors women. Lucius - Wildewoman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej1xxCuWhXc Lucius - Hey Doreen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hDrjjS8JnU San Fermin - Sonsick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1czCNnPyHlw
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg4c0RA2DJQ Typhoon - Young Fathers I won't stop gushing about this album. My friends seems to like this song the most, so I'll leave this here for you.
  13. I'm regretting not adding ONE MORE DAY to vacation (that I do have to burn....) and winging down to KC for this. It promises to be a fun night, possibly.......a new song or two. Enjoy!
  14. Welp, Reflektor just shot to the top of my album of the year list. I listened to it 4 complete times in 30 hours; I've never done that with an album before.
  15. So glad Kevin got out the funk kick he's been on over the last few albums. I always think he's at his best when he's focused on straightforward folk/pop songs. Very good return to form.
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