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  1. So that German woman found her login to still be intact and can elaborate further in order for people not to be totally dependent on the rantings of two Scottish drunks Cologne had the problem that the venue was changed from Tanzbrunnen to Kulturkirche, from seated with guaranteed seats to GA. I was completely pissed off about that simply because it was a working day, and we were happy when we bought our front row seats so that meant we didn't have to take an additional holiday but could drive up to get there basically right for the show ...... this wasn't going to happen anymore so I compl
  2. I request it for every single show I attend, but I know it's never gonna happen
  3. Same here I guess. Thank God there is still England. No wait ..... that's not gonna help much is it
  4. It might very well become my new favorite Anglicism (or is it Americanism) ? Now if I only could get that image out of my head
  5. Oh sorry Atticus, I wasn't aware that my non-existent pouting was the reason for the LRS threads to not exist/be frequented anymore .... seeing as I only voiced my feelings from donkey's years ago today, but those threads apparently got "circle-wankey" - what a great word - quite a while ago, I assume you have been foreseeing the future then, huh. Next time just read my posts properly (as in: word after word after word) before you make weird illogical assumptions as to why certain threads might not be what they used to be anymore. Brianne, I can understand that you people also felt weird t
  6. Oh no, I never did Anf of course it's not negative at all, I think they serve great causes and make a group of people really happy. There was just a time where I felt really left out, and that doesn't only go for the shows themselves but also for the gatherings that come along with them ... and I know about some people who felt the same, maybe they just didn't want to speak out (like I just did) and become unpopular for feeling that way, although it can't be said loud enough that feeling left out/like missing out does NOT automatically mean those who are lucky every time should miss out too!
  7. I guess the explanation might also be that not so much the threads, but the Living Room Shows themselves are very much a circle wank, i.e. only available to a very limited circle of people, and speaking from my point of view, I can only guess that the vast majority of fans who had to miss out every time, due to not being able to splash out on 1) trip to the US including accomodation to be able to bid, 2) the show "entry" itself, and 3) another trip to the US including accomodation to attend the actual show, at some point just don't want to read about what they missed anymore. This is at leas
  8. Happy wedding and afterlife to the young couple
  9. Oh well. I guess I can't really complain when I count how often I have heard it live. Glad you had a good time at the Italian shows, Paul
  10. The best thing about the show were the aftershow drinks with a.m. people. I kid. I kid. Great show, with the definite highlight Laminated Kat for me. I especially liked how laid back the crowd was, and yet how much into the show. No annoying talking, no screaming, no exaggerated jumping around, a very enjoyable night all over. Might have convinced us to check out more shows in Belgium. Now back home for the usual stuff that can't be procrastinated, then off to Zurich.
  11. I loved reading everyone's stories My first encounter with Wilco couldn't have possibly been worse. They opened up for REM in Munich on July 13th, 1999. It was my first REM gig after years of waiting to be able to go, and needless to say, I just wanted them to finally start playing. The opener was the last thing to get in the way, so I hated them. I remember moaning to my exhusband - who was with me back then - all the time during Wilco's set "oh God they are terrible! I want them to go off stage! now!", and he replied "Jesus, just give that young poet there a bloody chance!" and me going o
  12. We've made 2 resolutions: 1. Do more exercise than what we are already doing (and bought the EA Active Sports 2 for Wii for the days we can't go outdoors) 2. Buy/build a house. 2 appointments with builders this week. Happy new year everyone!
  13. I loved reading all the stories! Marriage is a very important subject to me, I guess because my first attempt failed after 17 years due to the involvement of too much alcohol on his side... Still, I was a dare-devil and did it a second time, with someone I met through an REM message board but got close to during the Wilco European Spring Tour 2005 which I had to miss out on albeit having tickets, hotel reservations etc to ALL shows, due to an emergency surgery. That Cornish guy literally was the only person left to talk to, because everyone else I knew was having a blast at the Wilco shows
  14. .........care to make other fans happy ?
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