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  1. That's exactly it: the last six seconds of the Cha Cha rhythm track from the Mellotron: https://soundcloud.com/nordkeyboards/chacha-swflutes-ul_ryfi-mellot
  2. I feel obliged to mention this page in particular, and this site in general: http://radiocure.wikispaces.com/At+My+Window+Sad+and+Lonely
  3. That's good guitar. A fat neck and big frets if I remember correctly? It's funny you're not taking to the safe-t-post tuners as they are by far my favorites. When you're stringing up, after you feed the string through the bridge, pull it tight(ish) and cut it two to two-and-a-half posts further than the post you're going to feed it into. For example, if you're putting in the low E string, cut the string between the D and G posts. For the A string, cut between the G and B posts. Just estimate for the B and high E. Jam the string down the hole, and you are good to go. No muss, no fuss. Re-string
  4. The Blues Jr. is a fine amp, in my opinion. I have a Pro Jr (not the same but similar) that I think is great and the Blues Jrs that I've tried sound pretty great. A pedal like the OCD would go great in front of one. I'd set everything on the amp to 12 o'clock (halfway) and tweak from there. if your tele is too jangly, turn down down the treble a little bit -- it might help it. Also, be sure to experiment with the tone knob on your tele. Most players (I assume) set it all the way up but I think you can take away a little of the brittle-ness by roll down the tone juuuuust a touch. The Blues Jrs
  5. Apparently, they are taking suggestions for questions to ask Mr. Tweedy. http://www.avclub.co...tomorrow,84610/ Apologies if this has already been posted. Apologies also for misspelling "interviews" (title edited by gogo) (also from gogo, fyi, for anyone else who has this problem: titles can be edited by the creator of the thread! just click on "edit" in the bottom right corner of your first post, then click on "full editor"; that'll take you to a screen that allows you to edit the title and tags )
  6. Haha. Yeah, wasting time is pretty much the only thing I'm really good at. I use a compressor for country-type stuff, but I use a compressor for everything because it's just kind of a talent-maker. I sound soooo much more like a competent guitarist when I have a compressor on -- I'm just addicted to the sound and what it does for my perceived level of skill. I'm sure Jay has used compressors at some point but he doesn't need anything to make him seem like a good guitarist; he just is one.
  7. I'm not sure he DEFINITELY used a compressor (he didn't have one on his solo tour and he rocked it pretty hard) and putting a compressor after the boost pedal kind of defeats the purpose, no? I kinda suspect that the Boss is a tuner and the Arion is a delay, also. Any more help from the message boards?
  8. It IS the only decent picture of his pedalboard from that era, so thanks for posting it! I'm pretty sure about the Boss Tuner and MXR Micro Amp and Blue Box. When I saw him on his last (RIP) solo tour those were the only pedals he used, so it makes sense that they were always with him.
  9. You got me. The light color on the battery compartment of the Arion pedal makes me think either a compressor, tuner, or equalizer, maybe a stereo delay or phaser. You know, assuming that it's an Arion pedal and that they have never changed their color scheme in 20 years. The Memory Man theory is a good guess, but yeah, not enough knobs and I actually think that it's not wide enough. It may be a pedal turned on its side? I thought briefly that the two switch pedal was a bicomprossor, but not also enough knobs. I'm stumped.
  10. I'm not sure exactly what he's playing there, but what I play, and what would appear to be mostly correct given your description, is a variation of the standard blues shuffle lick. The standard blues shuffle would be: |..+.....+.....+.....+.....|..+.....+.....+.....+...... e--------------------------|--------------------------| B--------------------------|--------------------------| G--------------------------|--------------------------| D--------------------------|--------------------------| A--5--5--7--7--5--5--7--7--|--5--5--7--7--5--5--7--7--| E--3--3--3--3--3--3--3--3--|--3--3--3--3
  11. Also, this from when the local club had a tribute to Fleetwood Mac. The band's called the breakups, so that night we called ourselves "Peter Green's the breakups."
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