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  1. also the poster was phenomenal. It was a deep rich burgundy red background with a cardinal (state bird of Va) on a snowy limb. It sold out. In fact I got the "demo" model hanging on the rack.
  2. all around great experience. I traveled from Richmond and it was definitely worth it. Between Roanoke and Norfolk, this show was just light years better. I think Wilco is just at this point better in seated theater type venues than standing room only venues which seem to encourage heavier drinking, talking and general "revelry." I don't think I could have predicted how good the crowd would be. I came down to see Jason Isbell in the same venue in November and the entire crowd sat for all but the last few minutes. I had pit tickets for that show and my wife & I got asked to sit down so many
  3. thoughts some folks might like this: http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=542309 The Moondoggies January 28, 2011 IOTA Arlington, VA **16 bit source** Source: Matrix: B&K4022(ortf) > Sonosax[35%] + sbd[65%] > 744T Location: fob/dfc, 8' from stage Transfer: 744T>soundforge 7.0 (fades/delay)>cd wave>wavelab (resampling/UV22)>flac Taped & transferred by: Craig Davis One Set Disc One: 01 Keep Her On The Line 02 It's a Shame, It's a Pity > 03 Tidelands 04 What Took So Long 05 Lead Me On 06 When You're Young 07 Black Shoe 08 Ain't No Lord 09 Jesus on the Mainline
  4. My friend John just posted his recording from the balcony as well: http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=540844
  5. that is indeed one option other options: for streaming purposes, winamp will play/stream flac files Nero also will read flacs as wav files and burn them straight to cd otherwise, google "flac frontend" once you have it, drag and drop the flac files into the window and hit decode to convert them into standard 16 bit wav files there are also several programs which will covert the flac files straight to mp3 if you just want them for an ipod, etc... google "flac > mp3 conversion"
  6. torrent up: http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=540833 Jeff Tweedy December 8, 2010 Paramount Theater Charlottesville, VA **16 bit source** Source: B&K4022(90 deg/in hat) > Sonosax > 744T Location: fob/sroc, Row D Transfer: 744T>soundforge(fades/levels)>cd wave>wavelab(resample/UV22)>flac Taped by mark lynn Transferred by: craig davis One Set Disc One: 01 Sunken Treasure 02 I Am Trying to Break Your Heart 03 One Wing 04 Muzzle of Bees 05 Via Chicago 06 I'm Always in Love 07 Solitaire 08 Cars Can't Escape 09 Hesitating Beauty 10 The Ruling Class 11 You Are Not Alo
  7. got the Cvill one last night. it looks even better in person that the jpgs I had seen on-line. My only question/criticism would be the significant similarity thematically & stylistically to the Halloween Phish posters from AC
  8. where in the venue did that happen? some otehr folks mentioned it to us afterward but you can't hear any of it on our recording.
  9. Jeff loves Charlottesville is the best explanation His last show at the Paramount was nice & long and the 2 Wilco shows at the Pavilion are 2 of the longest I have seen. The crowd was most respectful, and very into the show. A good crowd more often than not will get rewarded!
  10. charlottesville got taped by 2 folks. we recorded from the 5th row and I'm working on that right now. Have to leave for work so will try to get up tonite. 2nd taper ran from the balcony I have taped on average 75+ shows a year for over 10 years and probably taped Wilco/Jeff 20+ times. for what its worth, my advice to anyone wanting to tape wilco/jeff, is not to call the venue. I don't see any benefit to it. 99% of these people have no fucking clue what taping is, many of the ones in the venue are volunteers, etc.... I mean go ask 10 strangers off the street about taping and none of them thin
  11. yep got 2 in the Pit. and that my friends is the difference ebtween Front Gate and the ticketing that the Paramount/Starr Hill Presents offer
  12. congrats. You're the only person I know who got them. Those are excellent seats. I was supposed to be seeing Aretha Franklin there tonight from 2 rows up and she canceled for the second time
  13. how is that even possible????? Looks like a few family members, couple of front gate employees and some inevitable scalpers were the only ones to get any tickets
  14. thought some folks might be interested: 16 bit flac bit torrent: http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=534239 tagged mp3's: http://www.sendspace.com/file/iw32ae Spoon March 24, 2010 The National Richmond, Virginia **16 bit source** Source: Matrix: B&K4022(ortf)>Sonosax[40%] + sbd[60%]>744T Location: fob inside sbd cage/sloc Transfer: 744T>wavelab (fades/resampling/dithering)>cd wave>flac Taped & transferred by Craig Davis One Set Disc One: 01 Intro 02 Me and the Bean* 03 The Mystery Zone** 04 Written In Reverse 05 Someone Something 06 My Mathematical Mind 07 Don
  15. for the mp3 lovers out there, here's a sendspace link with tagged mp3s of my source: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ny1tm7
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