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  1. Beadsman, I see you found the post to be rubbish, but from your post I'm unable to tell what your objection is really. Yes, that last line does seem pretty over-dramatic when taken out of context, but really I think she's making a pretty basic point about what BS the whole 'rock purity' mythology is. As well as another good point about how the music industry has changed in recent years. But I take it you think Wilco is beyond redemption or something? What's your point?
  2. ...but I thought this post from a few weeks ago made some really good points on the whole 'selling out' issue.
  3. RE: Wilco cover band names... All I could think of was: "the Wishful Thinkers" or just, "Kidsmoke" Either of those any good?
  4. got em! this time they DL'd fast as lightnin'
  5. I think what he was saying, and I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth, was not to write about the circumstances of Jay's leaving the band. That's been pretty much hashed out, and doesn't bear much relevance to the music. that was my interpretation, anyway
  6. It's sort of half way between a documentary and a concert movie. It follows him on a leg of his solo tour. Some backstage and travelling stuff, in between portions of concerts. The only bonus feature is that you can download ("free" or "not free," depending on your firmly held convictions either way) .mp3's of the songs in the dvd.
  7. No! You must submit to ma authoritay! just kidding. i won't comment on the topic any further.
  8. i had tried that, but now i see it's telling me that the file is bad and i should re-download. So I just went to try to do that, and I see the error message is back.
  9. Oh, I got sucked into that debate and forgot to ask my question! I was able to download one song, but I can't get it to play. What's the trick?
  10. The prize in the cereal box is a good illustration, though i believe it proves the opposite point: you can't go into a supermarket and start taking out those prizes from the boxes and walk out with them. You have to buy the cereal if you want that prize. They're part of the deal, hence not free. this debate reminds me of frustrating conversations i've had with people who insisted that downloading albums without paying wasn't really stealing. I was never one to condemn people for doing that, because I do it myself sometimes. But the rationalizations were annoying. Not trying to stir
  11. I can download now! It's incredibly slow, but I imagine that's because everyone's trying to do it right now. I'm going to just finish this one song and do the rest tomorrow. Mostly, I'm just happy to know that this will definitely work. big ups to HQ for working with everyone. i will admit i was frustrated myself, just because i really wanted to hear the tracks. the wilcoworld crew was always communicative and on the ball, though, so I was never mad at them. Just impatient to hear the tunes! I think that's how the other "complainers" felt as well, so don't be too hard on them.
  12. Do you think (or know) that the downloads will include some of those "interlude" songs, but without the extraneous talking etc.? that would be awesome. And while it amounts to little more than semantics, the tracks are not really free. They are part of what you paid for when you bought the dvd. The only reason this matters is that it would not be appropriate to post the tracks here for download, because that would take away that extra incentive to buy. But I'm certainly not here to police anyone. I'm just sayin'... ps. I still haven't been able to download my tracks either.
  13. Bert Jansch I don't know if he tours or not though. I didn't even know if he was still alive until I found out he had a new album. I got my hands on it and it's really good. The music really sounds as good as anything he's done, IMO. If you're not familiar with him, Jansch is a British folk guitar player who had some success in the sixties and into the seventies. Neil Young cites him as one of the primary influences on his guitar playing. (See the book: "Shakey") Check out some tunes at his website:
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