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  1. My wife and I are looking for two tickets. We live in Greenville and a looking to see the band. Any help would be great. My email is david@dajamadesign.com Thanks, David
  2. ---Yes Samuel--- Thanks a lot. I have a few not posted. Will Post soon.
  3. a HUGE THANKS to "worsethanaclarinet". Wilco - More Like the Moon (EP Version) Key of D# major (Capo I) - chords and notes relative to capo VERSE: D pattern (repeat 4x) G pattern (repeat 5x) A pattern (1x) E---------2-----2---| |---------3-----3---| |---------5-----5---| B-----3-----3-------| |-----3-----3-------| |-----2-----2-------| G-------2-----2-----| : |-------0-----0-----| : |-------2-----------| D---0---------------| 4x |-------------------| 5x |-------------2-----| A-------------------| : |-------------------| : |---0---------------| E-----
  4. Does anyone know where I can find the More Like the Moon tab? With the solo? I saw it somewhere. Now I have a headache.
  5. Setting son: Reservations (capo on 5) C How can I convince you it's me I don't like, and Am Em Not be so indifferent to the look in your eyes F When I've always been distant G C And I've always told lies for love (same chords) I'm bound by these choices so hard to make I'm bound by the feeling so easy to fake None of this is real enough to take me from you C Em I've got reservations Am Em Am G About so many things, but not about you VERSE CHORDS I know this isn't what you were wanting me to say Ho
  6. Does any one know where I can find any Wilco lead? + Anything a newbie to Via Chicago should know about Via Chicago?
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