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  1. I guess I should clarify here. I'm not in favor of dickheads who hold a glowing screen aloft all night. But I was on the rail, with a clear shot at the band without obstructing anyone's view for the Iowa show. I use the rapid-shot function on my camera, take 15-20 pictures within 30 seconds, screen off, without looking at the shots I took, do that subtly six or seven times over the course of a night, and end up with some shots like the one I've attached. And a lot that suck. I'm conscious of the people around me, and I consider the "no video" signs to include shooting for YouTube. If told not
  2. Exactly. This is why, as I said, I take the pictures in quick bursts, not even checking how the pictures are. I figure I'll have some good ones by the end of the night, and it never fails.
  3. I logged on this morning to check the Memphis setlist, and read about Jeff's (probably justified) blow-up at the woman with the cellphone last night, and it really made me start to wonder about the band's camera and photo policy, and whether or not it needs a revision. A week and a half ago, my wife and I were in the front row at the (amazing) Iowa City show. One of my long-time hobbies has been concert photography, and I tend to take about 100-200 pictures at any given show, usually in rapid bursts of 10 to 20 every ten minutes or so, knowing that I'll end up with 10 or 15 amazing shots from
  4. -Wilco (The Song) -I Am Trying To Break Your Heart -Bull Black Nova -You Are My Face -Once Wing -A Shot In The Arm -At Least That's What You Said -Deeper Down -Impossible Germany -Cars Can't Escape -Can't Stand It -Jesus, Etc. -Sonny Feeling -Handshake Drugs -Hate It Here -Walken -I'm The Man Who Loves You ENCORE 1 -Ashes of American Flags -A Magazine Called Sunset -Misunderstood > -Spiders (Kidsmoke) ENCORE 2 -You Never Know (w/ Liam Finn) -California Stars (w/ Liam Finn) -Box Full Of Letters -Heavy Metal Drummer -Casino Queen -Outtasite (Outta Mind) I feel like something's missing i
  5. My thoughts: I've been to quite a few festivals, and Lollapalooza 2008 was the best. Period. Top to bottom, I saw an unthinkably good three days of music--Radiohead, Wilco (my fifth show, and I was right up close for Jeff's solo set), Okkervil River, Broken Social Scene, The National, and, surprisingly, Kanye were among the best individual shows I've ever seen. So it's not a surprise that 2009 would be a letdown. But really? The Killers headlining main stage? Depeche Mode, while wonderful, is obviously a huge step down from Radiohead. There are real standouts here (LOU FUCKING REED?!?!?!?!?!?!
  6. No tickets necessary, just show up. It's at the Comstock Room in the Runyan Student Center.
  7. There will be a free Mountain Goats show at Earlham College in Richmond, IN this Saturday. Originally scheduled to be a closed student-only show, we've decided to open this one up to the public. 10 PM. John Vanderslice opening.
  8. I was there at its debut, 10/4/06 Purdue. Awesome (but sad, due to Jeff's mother's passing) show, awesome song. There's some video of the debut up on youtube.
  9. Elephant Micah's new EP, "Alsatian Sunlight," is absolutely SPECTACULAR!!!! Chill, lo-fi alt-country. Check out the brief review/MP3 at my music blog: http://paintedhighway.blogspot.com/2007/08...unlight-ep.html
  10. Don't know why it took me this long to post about this show. Possibly that i'm still slightly stunned from it. It's the third time i've seen Wilco in a little over a year and a half (10/13/05 Indy, 10/4/06 Purdue before this), and while this was the shortest show of the three, it was certainly the best. While I know that some people haven't been huge fans of Low opening, I, for one, loved it. I count them among my favorite bands as well, and i thought they played an excellent set to a crowd that wasn't there to see them. Closing with "Murderer" followed by "Breaker" was fabulous. Wilco came o
  11. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE RECORD THIS!!! I'll be at the show, and i would LOVE a copy of this!!!
  12. Three more days. My tickets are about as far up in the balcony as you can get, but i could care less. :dancing
  13. Is an absolutely INCREDIBLE song, and I'm really hoping they play it. Live video:
  14. I can't wait for this show. Aronoff will be an AMAZING venue to see Wilco.
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