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  1. So is Georgia.




    Yeah alot of Gamecock fans say the same thing about Clemson but I think that's a pretty moronic statement. Beating Clemson does nothing to gain us respect on a national level like beating Georgia, LSU or Florida does. Clemson who? :thumbup



    See you soon...

  2. I echo most everyone else here. Awesome show!!! Awesome getting to meet Jeff afterward!!! Probably one of the best Wilco shows I've ever been to. Props to Ellen, a.k.a Wilco Worshipper, to giving me a great welcome to Boston!

  3. hey tony, you are in for a great time. and it's way better that you won't have a car there -- driving is a nightmare and the T gets you almost anywhere you'd want to go in the whole boston area. in fact, just riding around on the T is a good way to get to know the area.


    it's been a long time since i lived there, but was there for 15 years and have a few things to recommend. like movies? don't miss the coolidge corner theatre, an oldie but goodie. it's at 290 harvard street in brookline, but you can get there simply by taking the cleveland circle streetcar (green line) out brookline ave -- it'll drop you a block from the theatre. kenmore square (you'll see it on any T map, also green line) is full of casual pubs and dance places; it was always a big friday or saturday happening place and i'm sure it still is. fenway park is just around the corner from there, if you're a baseball fan (which i am) -- it's the most beautiful old ballpark in the country, in my biased opinion, no it really is!


    i assume you've already spent time hanging out on the boston common and the boston public garden, where you can see the vast variety of humanity parading by in all its glory.


    boston's "north end" is a really interesting ethnic (italian) area to walk around in, with wind-y narrow old streets and cool places to eat. you can walk there from haymarket square (big open farmers market) and quincy market (upscale shops, pubs, you name it, near faneuil hall).


    as you probably already know, cambridge is just a few minutes' ride on the red line T over the charles river from boston. central square is even better than when i lived there -- it's full of great ethnic restaurants now, both along mass. ave. and down the little side streets. *most of those sailboats you see on the charles as you ride over the bridge are rented, by the hour; i forget the name of where you rent them and take off right there in the water, but it's near the esplanade, boston side, and it's a blast to do it on a hot day.


    harvard square (after central square), what can i say? it too is full of restaurants, small, medium, and huffy, and endless shops, plus tons of bookstores (e.g., wordsworth, harvard bookshop, grolier poetry bookshop). don't forget to visit the harvard coop, which sells everything (i bought my first tv there!), including books. the harvard square theatre (10 church street) is great -- it was only one theater when i lived there, but it has expanded. it still shows art films and not just the films of today. one of its theatres shows the original "rocky horror picture show" all the time, i hear. there are several museums within easy walking distance of the square, and they're not just for tourists. the fogg, the seklar, the peabody -- all great to wander in over time.


    if you take the red line T beyond harvard square toward alewife parkway (or maybe still a bus out huron avenue), you'll find fresh pond. lots of nature and greenery there, not to mention a pond! there's a path around it, for walking, running, biking, whatever. it's 2.5 miles around it. it's a nice oasis in the middle of citylike life.


    ok, that's for starters. hope it's helpful. boston/cambridge are great places to live. thanks for the nostalgia!



    Wow! Thanks for all of the info! I did get to tool around a little bit at the Common, but that was all I was able to do. I'll have to check all of that out. I'm definitely in a prime location since I will be spending most of my time downtown. It seems like an awesome place to live. Now I'll have to see if Sir Stu will help me unload my stuff :shifty :twitchsmile

  4. Fellow VCers. I'm moving to Beantown in a couple of weeks for school and work. I've only been up there a few times and I was wondering if any of you that are there locally (or have lived there at some point) can recommend some "must do" things around town. I'm not looking for touristy things per say, but I want to get to know the area. I won't have a car since I'm going to drive it to my parents in Atlanta, but I have great access to the "T". Thanks for any input!

  5. Yeah yeah. I know. And he's been suspended from the school and the team until August. Now maybe he can go home and man up or something. What a punk. Sad that someone so immature is a father, too. Maybe he'll learn, maybe not. No big loss in my eyes.


    bye bye garcia


    ...just giving you a hard time :cheekkiss


    Yeah I can see that.. He looks like Scott Stapp.


  6. Smelley. Garcia isn't even 2nd on the depth chart. Word is that he isn't the brightest when it comes to learning the offense.


    I guess he's not too bright period...


    Gamecocks' freshman QB charged, fined


    Garcia's underage drinking rap follows a pattern




    Published on: 03/24/08


    South Carolina's highly touted freshman quarterback Stephen Garcia on Monday paid a fine for underage drinking, marking his third run-in with police in about a year.


    Garcia, 20, was one of three football players arrested Saturday for underage drinking near a campus dormitory, according to campus police tickets.


    "He doesn't make any excuses and did not want to put the


    fans and the university through this and have more negative attention brought towards him or the school," Garcia's attorney Neal Lourie said Monday.


    Garcia's brother was charged with giving beer to a minor.


    Garcia enrolled early at South Carolina to get a jump start on spring practice but was suspended from the team a year ago after two arrests. In February 2007, he was charged with drunkenness and failure to stop for a police officer. About a month later, he was charged with malicious injury to personal property after a professor reported that Garcia had used a key


    to scratch the man's car.


    Garcia has previously successfully completed a pretrial intervention program to clear his record of misdemeanor charges.


    An athletic department spokesman did not immediately know Garcia's status with the team. After practice Monday night, coach Steve Spurrier said he would leave Garcia's fate up to university officials.


    "We just have to wait and see," Spurrier said. "His fate is out of my hands. ... He's had a lot of chances here, and we'll see what happens."


    Garcia was to miss Monday night's practice for academic reasons, spokesman Steve Fink said.


    Also charged with underage drinking Saturday were offensive lineman Heath Batchelor, 20, and walk-on quarterback Zac Brindise, 19. They were scheduled to appear in court next month.


    School telephone listings for Batchelor and Brindise were not in service.


    Police responded to students' complaints of loud music in the dormitory courtyard, university spokesman Russ McKinney said.


    McKinney said all three players would go through the university's student disciplinary system.

  7. Cool! I took the bf to a few games this season and he wore his UVA shirt. We only got a few looks. Probably not the same as wearing a UGA shirt, though. :lol


    Probably doesn't help that I have a giant "G" tattooed on my forehead :stunned

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