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  1. not a big fan of the blue sg or the unfinished neck but i love sgs.. just picked up a '81 sg standard that is the most amazing guitar i have played.. walnut finish big head stock and small pickguard.. the way to go for me!!
  2. I really enjoyed the show- it put a huge smile on my face!! Revolution Blues was not to be missed. The only disappointment for me was no "making waves int he bathroom" That's my favorite cut off Weird Tales. Tweedy was not needed at this show and in fact it may have been a distraction having him there. His absences let these guys do their thing un-interrupted. All respect to tweed man no doubt.
  3. I know thus has probably been discussed before, but the NY Golden Smog show is approaching and I am wondering if Tweedy will be in the band. I am going regardless, but tweedy would sweeten the pot- thanks
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