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  1. can anyone do a B&P with me for this show? thanks message me or email me at kml9285@yahoo.com
  2. The security guards were your typical "Northampton" guys. Looks like crap and has an attitude. The guy with the orange NIN shirt was the head of security. He did seem like a dick but then again he was only doing his job, but a better a respond to you guys should of been had.
  3. Great show! Third time seeing Wilco. Other times were at BU and Brown. This show was better setlist wise and atmosphere was fantastic. I'm from Holyoke so the Pines is of familiar ground. Always great to see your favorite band at your favorite venue. Can't wait for the tapes to come out.
  4. Expect a kinda small place. Holds maybe 1,000. The park is a nice place to chill out before the show. Expect a good crowd. Northampton crowds are always my favorite. The seating is GA but I wouldn't worry about when you get there because you will have a view of the stage no matter what. See you there...should be a great night!
  5. The Pines Will Call tixs are usually at a table next to the table before the venue's entrance. There is usually a long time for them for alot of people Will Call tickets because they don't mail out tickets. Parking at the place can be alittle tight. The place is small so if you want front and center i would recommend going a little early but since its small if you show up alittle later you can still get a good place to see.
  6. I thought the Providence show was pretty solid. My favorite part was the Encores with the Horns. I liked how Wilco changed some of the songs. This was my second Wilco concert in the past year, first being Boston, and third time seeing Tweedy, saw him solo in Northampton front row!. Good songs, good times, solid night. Wishing that the next time they come up this way they bring some newer or older songs with them. OK GO was alright, nothing special. I thought Ted Leo was very good. In a place that has sound i'm sure Ted Leo and Wilco would of sounded alot better. Good times in Providence!
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