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  1. I did look for it, but I was looking for St. Louis, and I guess I didn't catch "Pageant"
  2. Will be there tonight and tomorrow night. I have to work all day today, so I'm praying to don't get stuck in too long of a line to get in tonight. Took tomorrow off so that I can get into the Halo early enough to get a good spot. No Saturday tix though. I'm sad.
  3. my bad, didn't see that thread. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. I'll be there tonight and tomorrow but am not able to hit the Saturday night show! F!!! Will any of you be there? Have you heard if they're going to do anything special for the shows?
  5. okay, maybe I'm retarded, but how do I download this? Thanks!!!
  6. This one should only be awesome --------------------------------------------------------- http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/news...produced-album- The Black Keys Reveal Danger Mouse-Produced Album It seems like just yesterday when we were WTF-ing at rumors of a collaboration between the Black Keys, Danger Mouse, and the now late Ike Turner... until Keys drummer Patrick Carney confirmed it in an interview last year. Turner's passing seemingly put a damper on the project, but it turns out the songs the Keys were writing for him gave them the foundation for their own record, the foll
  7. that would be amazing like what? I've looked over some of their recent set lists and I think they look pretty damn good. They haven't released an album in like 5 years, so what are they supposed to be playing?
  8. I agree to an extent, but I'm just not going to stop going to see them though. I mean hell, look at Wilco. They've recorded 6 albums with 6 different lineups. I can live with a little change.
  9. yep, and you should totally tell her that there's a large group of fans in St. Louis that would love nothing more than to meet the guys in the band. (wink wink nudge nudge)
  10. I didn't realize Ed was gone too!! Crap! I've only seen them with those two as well, so it'll be a bit weird. That being said, I saw Paul Stacey play with Chris Robinson a few years ago, and not only was it the best concert I've ever seen in my life, PS was like 60% of the reason why, so I'm pretty excited to see how he does with the band.
  11. Like not watch the Red Sox play in the World Series? (sorry, had to)
  12. I've seen them the past few times they've played St. Louis and I'll never miss another one of their shows. One of my favorite live bands.
  13. Do you know who is playing guitar for the Crowes right now in concert? If I'm not mistaken, Marc Ford left the band again and I don't know who took his spot. Thanks!! (Also, is anybody seeing them in St. Louis this Friday?)
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