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  1. I think you are who I walked up to at the end of the show and you knew my name....The After Show was really nice. It was great to say hi to the guys again and talk about the older songs they played that even a guy in front of us didn't know any of. The Catholic reference was fun! It was nice to see you again!
  2. I bet you are regretting that now....just think he could have been the first 'Wilco the album' tattoo person
  3. I just finished The Horse Whisperer last night...the book was full of details that unsurprisingly caused me to enjoy it far greater then the movie based on it.
  4. Hey there, I see that there a number of PhotoWalks going on across the US on July 18th. I know several Via Chicago'ers enjoy taking photos and I just wondered if anyone had participated in one of the walks put on by Scott Kelby last year? I was interested in coming up to Chicago to go on one of them but they seem to be full. So my next question is would anyone in the area or near enough to drive down for a few hours (the event last 2 hours) be interested in doing one together? Or is anyone in any other area interested in doing one for a group of VC'ers? Seems like a fun idea for groups o
  5. Personally I'd read Q any day...they have great reviews and bring up a lot of bands I wouldn't normally try.
  6. i'm late in replying..and only read the first part...but the store i work in has been selling vinyl for a while now...and there are a number of 'select stores' that also sell vinyl currently as well. Unfortunately we still haven't set an area up specifically for vinyl since we've been going through a number of changes and it hasn't been a priority. They are in baskets with the dvd's above all the cd's in order though
  7. If your kid likes Harry Potter theres a really neat exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry right now that I can't wait to check out. Look here...
  8. Ok have gotten about 1/2 way through Columbine. If this was our book club book I think we'd be having some great conversations. It's opening my eyes to how much we don't learn about events that are so widely broadcast on national news. Seriously. Plus the insights are amazing. I've been recommending this book to everyone I talk to...Check it out!
  9. lol After looking at those 3 photos I'd believe your story!
  10. I donated using Visa and it worked fine. You can also use Paypal but I think you go to the bottom of the page and it says Donate using Paypal
  11. Happy Birthday Mr Rain! Hope you had a wonderful day!
  12. Unfortunately between workin both jobs today I didn't get to a record store. Too bad there wasn't one in the 4 block drive between my two jobs! I had pre-ordered Ashes from Wilco online so I know that arrived a day or two ago but I haven't been home to pick it up.
  13. I have that and will be starting it tonight. One of the guys I work with at the bookstore saw it and we talked and decided we'd both read it! It looks really interesting!
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