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  1. Hey, my wife and I are in one of those pics! (Nels and his wife). From Saturday night to Sunday night, it was 24 hours with Nels Cline, including a special sound installation as part of Tourists.
  2. I didn't go that route, but started checking every few minutes about 10 before the hour, while I was clearing work emails. It was actually a few minutes after the hour that I got through and bought what I wanted. As an older fan, I appreciate there being some options -- call it VIP if you will -- but simply opening the event to a broader range of audience, especially as the band begins to age as well. Not talking walkers, but, just as it has always been billed as a "family-friendly" event, hopefully that includes dad rockers, and, eventually granddad rockers.
  3. The VIP and housing specials raised money for charity -- the FotF tickets for the school, if I understand correctly.
  4. Booked! TOURIST Gallery Room lodging, includes VIP and pop-up concert at hotel. Took 9 years to finally get to a Solid Sound.
  5. Everthing that I noodled with was in A, except the song after Satellite was in B
  6. Is it possible to be worse than Frongate? Unless you're looking for SRO for hell.
  7. One of the bandmembers talked about them having about 100 songs back. It could have been very easy to throw a few more songs into this; it may have been a very brave decision to stick with the 11 and say, 'that's our album.' As much attention as Tweedy is known to give tracking and looking at the album as a whole, I just think that is a brilliant, cohesive album in the classic sense of vinyl.
  8. Magnetized finishes it with a Plastic Ono Band vibe.
  9. I'm not hearing much evidence of keyboards on this; layered guitars, a bit of synth but like listening to AGIB through a TWL filter.
  10. I feel transported backward 35 years. I need an album cover to stare at and liner notes to read. A moment after You Satellite to flip the record over.
  11. Definite Loose Furs vibe but it sounds to like Sansome's hands are all over this. Kudos Wilco!
  12. I never warmed up to The Whole Love; nothing against it. Wilco the Album seemed more novelty than anything.
  13. Late to this conversation but they did Dreams the last time they played at Florida Theatre -- with Total Pro Horns, heavy on clarient, an amazing New Orleans tone to it.
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