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  1. I was on etree in the early oughts, doing my Dead obsession thing, and my oldest and dearest pal (not on VC) turned me on to Wilco. All the sudden I was looking for Wilco shows and came across a dude in Spokane named Rob Shelden (I can't even recall his VC name at the moment). This was Fall 2005. We started trading - Wilco for NRPS. He told me about VC - "You REALLY need to go there". So, in early '06 I did. At almost the same time another dude from Denver who was/is a HUGE Deadhead named Chris Beatty joined - the infamous "Lammycat". We immediately hit it off. Soon I made a number of great fr
  2. 45th Anniversary of the GAMH "One From The Vault" show. Just about a perfect show. And the one that broke the vault open, thank God. 36 Dick's Picks, 35 Dave's, 17 Road Trips, countless box sets and Rhino single show releases., and no signs of stopping. Love Live The Dead!
  3. Question: has anybody got their Dave's 35 yet? Here we are at 8/5 and I haven't even received a shipping conformation yet.
  4. It's up to us, ALL OF US, to honor the man and what he stood for by doing all we can to fight injustice. RIP to a true patriot.
  5. I don't even know what to think or say about this. It almost feels like a requiem for the soul of America or something. Nobody can do to me what Bob does. Thanks, Bob.
  6. Hey, we should be taking a pretty decent whack out of our carbon footprint.
  7. The thing I try to keep in mind on this board is that, although I agree with the vast majority of opinions expressed, it is not at all representative of possibly half of the electorate. God, there are SO many misinformed/uninformed people who can vote. Y'all are a cut above most any random group of folks. There is not a Democrat on earth that would cause me to vote for a Republican instead right now. But that has always been the case for 40 years, anyway.
  8. I'm an unabashed Neil fan. Although I haven't been able to see him in going on 14 years (CSNY Living With War) I saw all of the different changes in the 80s, from Trans to The Harvesters to The Shocking Pinks, Blue Notes, etc. Saw the solo,all acoustic Neil in '92. But what he does with The Horse - whom I saw the Garage Band tour of '86-'87, the Ragged Glory tour in '91, the Summer Tour in '96 - might be my favorite of all. Cause I like to kick out the jams, motherfuckers.
  9. 7 years! DAMN. Looking forward to this.
  10. I've been yammering about 6/14/76 getting an official release for forever so I'm pretty stoked that it's finally happening. My favorite Help Slip Frank, my favorite Crazy fingers, and a killer Playin', for starters. 6/15 & 6/19 I have played to death on cassette as well for over 30 years. I think this is a good pick for a box set. Now, if we could only get a Greek Theater retrospective box set that would be the bomb.
  11. Thank you, brother. I love this. Nothing but the best to you in this endeavor, and all those in the future.
  12. I realize now that my post went way off topic and into the personal., which is how it is with those you truly admire. You relate on a personal level. There isn't a helluva lot of people that make me feel like that.
  13. This will be the most important music-related thing I will see this year, hands down. So much of my life was/is tied up with Jay's music. At my daughter's Sweet 16 party we had a PA and I did a solo set and her brother did a set with his band, the Semi Legendary "Who Ya Burn". . Anyway...I did "My Darling" and my whole family (including my mom and dad) were in tears. Hell, so was I! She was 'growing up too fast' - following my example haha - but I'm proud to say she's now a 29 year happily married mom, with the light of all of our lives being my grandson, Desmond Otto Rodriguez - aka "Cra
  14. While a Tuskeegee Airman (100 years old) is in the room. That says all one needs to know.
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