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  1. anyone want to trade? I have 2 sunday GA's and am looking for monday tickets...let me know!
  2. Anyone need an extra? I've got front row balcony, section 7 (which is in the center). I'll sell it for face and can meet up somewhere in champaign...
  3. Much thanks to whoever posted show 5, just listening to it now and it sounds GREAT! Love that One by One opener, just love it...God this band is too good.
  4. Not pissed, but kinda sorta wanted it pretty bad I'm actually considering making it my first dance at my wedding, great lyrics and nice and short
  5. Confirmed. I met the guy on the first night who was going to interview tweedy and John. He seemed like a cool guy and said that he convinced his boss to do the segment, and now they are the only music media outlet that covered the residency. He also convinced his boss that attending multiple nights of the residency was "work related"
  6. Give me a break.... 1. The FM stream is the only show that isencoded at 90 2. All of the AUD's are encoded at 169 kbps, per itunes 3. I have all of the flacs, and all of the flacs are available on etree or other bt sites 4. I was trying to help those that DON't GIVE A **** about how the file is encoded 5. if you're an audiophile, leave the thread and don't download the files 6. Sorry if this is a bit harsh, but i put a lot of time into converting and tagging every freaking song 7. If you are going to bitch about it, then encode 192's and upload them for everyone to have
  7. Most likely, the are usually 25 bucks, well worth it if you ask me
  8. No problem everyone! Just sharing the best 5 nights of 2008 so far...I'll try to hunt down night 5 tomorrow at work
  9. Sorry for posting another thread on this topic, but I figured i'd share what i have. I have the first four nights, and now i've tagged all of them with song titles. I also figured i'd put the mp3's all on one place for everyone to find. Here ya go, for all you itunes users: Night 1, part 1- http://www.mediafire.com/?dy9sc3l9o3j Night 1, part 2- http://www.mediafire.com/?03tm9xpfytt Night 2, part 1- http://www.mediafire.com/?83ustjykmwt Night 2, part 2- http://www.mediafire.com/?cjtkzynj44m Night 3, part 1- http://www.mediafire.com/?9xwjzjg3mtm Night 3, part 2- http://www.mediafire.
  10. LOL, that's what i want too...night 4 FM stream is almost unlistenable, i'm working on it
  11. I take it back...the FM stream is the worst of all 4 recordings. The AUD's are AWESOME....i mean AWESOME, best aud's i've ever heard in fact.
  12. You guys were awesome!! Sounds great on disc too, thanks so much for playing with the best band in the world.
  13. I went to all 5 nights, and i'd go see them again tomorrow! That's no exaggeration, i just love seeing one of the best bands in the world play live, even if i have to hear shot in the arm and impossible germany 5 nights in a row!
  14. This is from the Wilco world stream thread... Night 3- http://www.sendspace.com/file/9j3996 Night 4- http://www.sendspace.com/file/n22fxk The FM stream is pretty good from night 4, haven't finished downloading night 3 yet...enjoy!
  15. Were you at these chicago shows? He made so many old songs better imho. Check out the ashes of american flags from friday and you'll see. Also, his work on the older wilco stuff sounded GREAT
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