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  1. I sat directly behind the loudmouth guy whose voice Jeff recognized. Early in the show he demanded "SHES A JAR". Jeff said no, and hoped that by saying no it would discourage other requests. It did not. The aforementioned loudmouth later requested "STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN!". He did many smaller annoying things all night, and of course once the crowd stood for the encore, BAM he was right at the 2nd row aisle. I'll take credit for him playing One Sunday Morning, since I requested it and wrote a nice little story about my history with that song. Thoroughly enjoyed his guitar banter, explaining th
  2. This is an auto-buy for me. Such a sucker for colored vinyl. Sometimes I consider the money I'd save if I were colorblind.
  3. 12 shows and you forgot that people stand? Bummer that you can't stand for long periods of time, but if people want to stand, they'll stand. My first Wilco show was at a seated venue and after a few songs Jeff commented on how it reminded him of a Catholic church with all the sitting, then standing, the sitting... etc.
  4. Glenn is drumming on an album of duets featuring Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) and Jesca Hoop. It was recorded in Portland earlier this year and produced by Tucker Martine. Although I doubt either will happen, I'd love to see either (a) Glenn play drums on the supporting tour for that album or ( Wilco play a show in Philadelphia.
  5. I'd kill for a proper (non-festival) Philly-area show at this point. It's been quite a while.
  6. Saw this available from their Euro store. Maybe red will be the "Indie Store" variant in the US?
  7. LP release date has been pushed up to October 13
  8. I have the print article and that's it, but the print one is much longer.
  9. http://www.ccmusic.com/music/vinyl/4002036/wilco-alpha-mike-foxtrot-rare-tracks-1994-2014 I ordered the vinyl here and used coupon code OCT1425 which brought it down to $63.93 shipped.
  10. Looks like the vinyl version omits the live tracks, but it does include a download card for everything on the CD version. SIDE 1: Childlike And Evergreen (DEMO) / Someone Else’s Song (DEMO) / Passenger Side (DEMO) / Promising / The T.B. Is Whipping Me — with Syd Straw / I Am Not Willing SIDE 2: Burned / Blasting Fonda / Thirteen / Don’t You Honey Me / The Lonely 1 (WHITE HEN VERSION) / No More Poetry SIDE 3: MONDAY (DEMO) / At My Window Sad And Lonely (Jeff Tweedy solo) / One Hundred Years From Now / A Shot In The Arm (REMIX) / ELT (King Size demo) / Nothing’severgonnastandinmyway (aga
  11. I can't quite recall the order, but here's what I'm sure he played I Am Trying to Break Your Heart Passenger Side Laminated Cat Hummingbird Shot in the Arm I'm the Man Who Loves You New Madrid You and I Jesus Etc.
  12. This depends on the venue. I caught up with Jeff after a show in Wilmington, DE back in 2008. Small theater, bus was parked right out back. I didn't ask him to sign anything, but did get a picture. A lot of venues have private areas where the bus pulls right up to the venue, which makes pictures/meetings much harder, if not impossible.
  13. http://www.last.fm/user/DanCarr
  14. Me! Just saw them in Louisville... seeing them later in August in Philly and outside of Baltimore. I think those 2 will be my 26th and 27th time seeing MMJ in some form or variation.
  15. I live in Philly and I won't be doing the festival... ridiculous prices, crappy lineup, no option yet for a one day pass, plus an awesome free festival in Baltimore that weekend. Haven't seen PJ since June 2008
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