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  1. I need some wilco love in Adelaide
  2. Any Aussies on here ????
  3. for sure these are for super fans only... a lot of rare tracks including never before played tunes.. would love to hear speak to the rose now that they have played message from the mid bar.. alone should have been on alpha mike foxtrot.
  4. ok so usual question... didn't attend any of the port chester shows... which bootleg to buy first?
  5. all the summerteeth demos are amazing.. she 's a jar is also superior. I think.. via Chicago while not bombastic also kills me.
  6. I think a roadcase bootleg collection of the best collabs and performances from the AmericanaramA festival would be well received...
  7. loved the jacket's set especially oh sweet nuthin and waiting on a friend... I'm a huge fan of both bands but as much as MMJ rocked my world Wilco stole the show which is hard to do after MMJ believe me.
  8. the seating numbers are unavilable for the camden show at this point but the XPN festival are selling cheap lawn seats for this show and three day passes to the festival plus americanarama festival so I think sunday will be a bigger crowd than most night on this tour.
  9. for me this happens with all my favorite bands at some point or another.. my morning jacket, pearl jam, the beatles, neil young and wilco or go in a out of favor depending on what I feel like listening.. the bootlegs are a sure fire way to get wilco burnout
  10. they tour a whole heap but yet they don't touch down in philly as much as other area's in the states : (
  11. last night's show at the mann center was out of this world.. best band out there today.
  12. love masterplan was bummed when this wasn't included.. the recordings are good but could be better quality. the wilco boots are way better sound wise...
  13. GOT BOTH.. they are awesome.. highly recommend them. they never disappoint
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