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  1. Well, I've known Jeff since the Uncle Tupelo days, but never got the opportunity to play with him until "Summerteeth". That's me at the end of "Pieholden Suite". Then, last year, I did a session for a band called The M's at The Loft. About 2 weeks later, when Wilco was rehearsing for the Residency, Jeff realized "Hey, some of these songs need horns." Steve, from the M's, works for Wilco doing monitors. He mentioned my name. And the rest is, as they say, hysteria. So, it was a fortuitous combination of serendipity and who-ya-know. That's Chicago for you.
  2. Hey y'all- It's Max, the Total Pro here. We have not heard from the band about any shows with us yet. I think Jeff likes to use horns later on in the touring cycle to change things up when he goes through a town the second time. Pretty smart, actually. Other factors are geography, and the size of the stages. So, you may see us this summer, but no word as of yet. I played on the new album, but none of the other Total Pros did. It's just a short 3-bar lick on the outro of "Everlasting Everything". Cheers, Max
  3. I work for the Cubs, so I was there in person. He threw from the mound, and it was a perfect strike. Did not bounce. The crowd cheered very loudly, they love it when you throw a strike. Rumor has it the Cubs are going to sign him for a late September call-up for the playoffs.
  4. I'm the only TP that plays with Poi dog, (although Nick plays with us sometimes), Poi will return to being my main gig after tonight's over.
  5. Nope, we're done after this second Tipitina's show. But there have been vague hints of more Total Pros in the future..... Max P.S. I agree about Blood of the Lamb, Paul kicks serious clarinet ass on that one.
  6. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Total Pros will be there at SNL! (And at DC the Tues/Wed before). -Max
  7. Hey y'all- Long-time listener, first time caller. My name is Max, I play in the Total Pros
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