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  1. i only count one virtuoso and that is of course........................PAT
  2. ouch...i was kindof expecting that though. oh well. i still like it. (i'm sure you're all aware of it and now many of you will say welcome to 3 weeks ago.)
  3. in my opinion all music from here on out will eventually just be a footnote. there are too many outlets for music. nothing is mainstream anymore. there are so many places to get music the same people aren't going to the same places to get it. the radio only plays crap, which is how good bands made it big in the past. this won't happen anymore. i guess we can blame it on the mtv. (sorry if someone posted something like this already...i was too lazy to read the thread.)
  4. anyone know where the show is posted? i gotts to get it.
  5. i agree it was another great show. i know what you mean about feeling removed from jeff. i think that it's just a bigger room than the other venues. It had a much different feel than the other show i saw. highlights for me were spiders, muzzle of bees, new madrid, bd49thb, gun and someone else's song. the crowd was ok, but i think you guys are forgetting the annoying b!tch that walked up to the stage after mountain bed to ask jeff to dedicate it to her husband, and then proceeded to make an ass out of herself as she walked back to her seat. she was almost directly under me. the thought of pour
  6. jeff-"what's your favorite side glen?" glen-"red beans and rice." jeff-"...cole slaw crowd."
  7. i second that...that was a great way to end the show...
  8. this was my first solo jeff show and i really enjoyed it. he has a great way of making the audience feel involved. the imaginary wall between performer and fan usually feels pretty tall and thick, but jeff has a way of bringing the audience in and making them feel like a part of the show. he did talk a lot. he had rants about his sons poop, his vacation to mexico, memphis food and his favorite sides, he introduced a new game about poop and musicians, talked about how he took down that fan in missouri, and talked about how his wife says he never talks. anyway it was a great show. thanks je
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