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  1. You know jhc, I agree and I think I ended up playing it in G more or less accidentally late at night. Dropped D for key of D (D - A - G for I - IV - V) sounds much more like the recording. I'm a little hectic to write a whole tab right now I wish you luck, I'm curious what you'll put up for the nice little run up, maybe I'll tab it out when I have more time. Danimal
  2. So I've been working on this song a bit. It's in open G, and the progression is all I - IV -V stuff (i.e. G-C-D). The basic lick is (my interpretation): (open G tuning -lots of hand-heel muting) G rhythym thing 0-0-0-0h2-3-X --> 0-0-0-2p0-3-X C is: 0-0-2-0-1-X D is: 2-2-4-2-3-X for the verse, it's: [G] That's the thanks that I get [C] for loving you[G] [G] That's the thanks that I get [C] for telling you the [G] truth [C] You say you wanna [D] know [G] Well I go and I go [C] General idea... please contribute, I'm still just working this out... the run up for (falsetto) 'I th
  3. Got one of these for a sooooonng. Plays nice, good electronics, one of the best sub-$1000 cutaways I've every played. (List $789, averages about $500-$550 on the web sans case). Play one sometime. (It's an Alvarez AJ-60SC).
  4. Hi All, I was working on this, because I like the drunken piano bit in the background, but I thought of all of you, and was wondering if any of you have it all done (lyrics/piano/guitar/banjo/whatever)? I'm having a little trouble with some of the lyrics, as well. Google has no answers, and the lyrics archives are blank... Any thoughts? The chord movements are pretty straightforward - still working it all out, but it's: verse: F# - A - G#m chrous: C#m - G#m - F# - some tricky B root or F#/B inversion riffy bridge: A - G#m - F# bass stuff in F#, weird riffs, well, they're O'Rou
  5. I would like to 'claim' Too Far Apart, if possible. I've been playing that one for a long time.
  6. I've been playing a Takamine G series spruce top since I bought in 1995 at the Guitar center on north clark in Chicago for (I think) $300, and I would probably lose my s**t if I lost that guitar, because it's the only guitar I've held on to since I started playing. So, play some of those. I think they've perhaps improved a bit, some people like the fir top. I wouldn't pay extra for the abalone, though.
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