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  1. Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone else is planning to see pavement in the near future on their tour this summer. I just got tickets to the show in september in Minneapolis. Also, holy cow it's been forever since I posted here, I was afraid my account would have been deleted.
  2. This album is the first time I have ever heard these guys and if this is their weakest album to date as seems to be the general concensus, then I'm excited for their other stuff cause I love this album. Where should I start?
  3. You feel their music so deeply in your body that you feel compelled to get a tattoo of just that of your favorite song of their's artistically written into your DNA (true story)
  4. If I'm not mistaken they can lay on heavy bonuses and tons of extra pay in the playoffs (assuming they make it there) as those don't affect the cap. So that could be another option for 'em.
  5. I agree with the fact that it's the best Blackhawks team in awhile, surely the best I've seen and I also grew up watching them in the early 90's. Not only is the organization great on the ice but I also have great respect for their front office and coaching staff, Quinnville is a great coach and with Bowman moving to chicago to put his hat in the ring they only got better in that aspect. As a hockey fan I like these guys chances at the cup in the next few years, as a Wings fan I hope they fail whenever they meet us. But it would be nice to have a team in the central compete during the regul
  6. I'm a die hard Wings fan, but I don't think there is any way that we will finish the Hawks in 5. Their powerplay has been seemingly unstoppable lately and they are peaking at the right time. Either way I'm stoked for an Original 6 western finals. I hope it sparks a new rivalry between them, after all they should be the biggest rivalry out there. Divisional opponents, close proximity, Original 6, etc.
  7. Being dead wrong remains to be seen I suppose, but I definitely agree with the wildly overanalyzing part. With that said it was an interesting read, and well written.
  8. Yea same here. I moved out of market so I kinda have to get that package if I wanna see my team's games.
  9. Awesome. Makes me sad I haven't seen Wilco since the beginning of the AGIB tour. Was that a kiss at around 1:50?
  10. Love this thread and this time of year just for this reason. Way to get me excited!
  11. I really loved Creepshow, I've grown up to be a horror fanatic and it's still a favorite of mine. Romero is a god
  12. RIP He's been a standard my entire life, I always wondered when I was kid if that was actually someones voice.
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