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  1. First off, I think this is a fun album. Nothing groundbreaking, but definitely some cool stuff and and definitely an enjoyable listen. That said, I have a theory. Everything about this album screams The Beatles to me. To start, there are the endless Harrison nods in You Never Know (fuzz guitar tones, harmonies, and My Sweet Lord lifts--all of which unquestionably intentional--that have been discussed ad nauseum, ), the Penny Lane-ish horn at the end of Everlasting
  2. Why is there so much compression? The drums and vocals (those harmonies!) especially. Its like there's some kind of Jeff Lynn-brand sheen put over all these tracks that in my opinion makes it sound not quite as genuine as their older stuff--it just sounds plain artificial and, yes, tame. Maybe this is what Jeff meant when describing the studio as an instrument, I don't know. Otherwise, a lot of great melodies, but I feel like generally there's no room for these songs to breathe. They sound too hurried and overly crowded, like everyone's jockeying for position. Maybe too many cooks in the kitch
  3. If you really wanna go back to some sweet live acts (though need I remind you this thread is about current artists, not Led Zeppelin whose best asset, John Bonham, died long ago along with the band's talent for songwriting and live performance) might I suggest some Classical or Romantic Era Pianists, namely Brahms, Mozart, or perhaps Chopin? Those guys knew how to seriously rock the powedered wigs off of everyone's heads. It's all relative, you know.
  4. since walken and what light have been on the live circuit for so long, theyre easy to get overlooked (walken especially) but I think its a damn fine song...probably just a little dismissive of them in anticipation of becoming really familiar with the rest of the CD, would be my guess.
  5. does anybody else think the piano strikes on the last part of Walken are slightly off, like a little ahead of the beat? Perhaps a recording gaffe?
  6. a friend of mine noted how the quieter songs on this CD (namely SBS and Please Be Patient w/ Me) would fit right in on Being There Disc 2 or vice versa. I'd have to agree, though the whole of the Sky Blue Sky album is much more complex in its composition and songwriting - a little less folk and a little more jazz.
  7. a fan of the quieter stuff, eh?
  8. There's obviously a lot of good stuff here...a nice return to classic rock done right by way of the Beatles, the Band, and whoever else you guys hear throughout the CD. But if you could choose just one song...? I'd have to go You Are My Face, personally. But this is a gametime decision and will no doubt change after a dozen or so full album listens (I'm at about 6 since Saturday)
  9. Listen to his Side With the Seeds solo...probably one of the more cathartic and face melting solos of all time. And while Nels may be a much better guitarist than bennett, bennett is unquestionably a better songwriter and served as the lennon or mccartney (or what have you) to Tweedy. And side note - does anyone see a similarity between the Side with the Seeds solo part of the song and the end of Stop Breathin by Pavement? The similarities to me are uncanny...
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