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  1. Made this argument on another site a while back... I think there are similarities perhaps in what they brought/bring to the table: multi-instrumentalist, songwriting with serious studio/production chops. Personality wise - they seem different to me, as far as I can tell. Meet Bennett at a sound check in 2002 or 2003 for a Bennett and Burch show and talked to him for about 20 minutes. Sharp dude and he knew it and... he also let you know that he knew it (i.e., big ego IMO). Pat from interviews seems more... reserved and humble and... willing to fit into the confines of an established ba
  2. Pretty funny concept! Where can I find a "Dad Rock" T-shirt?
  3. No. Their songs have lyrics. Also they're too...pop oriented for me to call them a "jam band" per se. Do a handful of songs drift into that genre? OK. I might buy that argument.
  4. These guys did it right...thirty-one years is/was a good ride and is pretty damned impressive!
  5. How do you approach songwriting? A melody, lyrics, chord progression...what usually comes first?
  6. Just before SBS came out, I recall some JT concert banter about making "a dirty little soul record" or something. There are some soul elements in most of the songs. Hear the soul in vocals more than I do the music... and perhaps there may lie a disconnect. Dunno. Read a slew of threads here over the years and I don't recall reading/seeing much said about the soulfulness... blue-eyed soul or country soul on SBS. Ballsy move IMO given the band's....demograhics. Wished the Thanks I Get/We Can Make It Better and that song from the Heros...Glad It's Over would have made SBS.
  7. Ranking band members is right up there with which soups you or I might like best.
  8. Been listening to the 2 new songs... "Dawned on Me" is the most infectous (catchy) Wilco song I can recall in some time.
  9. Streaming on NPR site...best REM record i've heard in years.
  10. It's been well documented that Tweedy doesn't appreciate talking during shows, which is very understandable. No real news there. They've been doing quite a few acoustic numbers or versions in recent shows. When folks chat during an acoustic set, it really takes away from the performance. Which makes thing worse and may explain more "crankiness" that some have suggested. I haven't seen a live Wilco show in... about a year, so all I can comment on is from what gets reported here. Judging from the rise in acoustic numbers in recent sets, I would guess that the next record will be more
  11. Producing a soul/gospel singer is interesting. Most people don't associate him with that/those genre of music. Then again, Sky Blue Sky had a lot of tunes that IMO had a strong soul vibe to them. Something that a lot of people missed or didn't get.
  12. Read somewhere that Conan is really tall. 6"4" I think.
  13. THE ASSOCIATED PRESSPosted May 26, 2009 @ 10:06 AMLast update May 26, 2009 @ 12:55 PMURBANA
  14. http://www.sj-r.com/breaking/x313657190/Autopsy-results-on-former-Wilco-member-expected
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