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  1. i feel ya on this. not sure if different lineup or "collective" is the answer, but maybe guests sitting in, and maybe they could play a few covers (none played these two shows). My friend who only came to night two said the setlist was kind of "wilco's greatest hits" and i thought the same about night 1. They are a terrific band, never disappoint, but they may be at a bit of a plateau (or maybe i am after seeing 8 shows in three yrs). That said, the thought of not seeing them for more than a year (supposedly they will record and not play live much next year) is a bummer. Also, they really coul
  2. Again no songs from Wilco the album, not complainin', just sayin. Some great highlights were Kamera, Candyfloss, I Must be High, Christ for Prez, Art of Almost, Laminated Cat, Dreamer. Overall I think I like the first night better, maybe I liked the setlist more or the overall energy, plus I had better seats night 1, but glad I saw both shows, and some great and relatively rarely played songs each night.
  3. I believe my quick count last nigtht was 8 songs repeated from night 1, about 1/3 of the show, mostly songs from the Whole Love.
  4. I thought it was an interesting, somewhat eclectic setlist, and a lot of my faves got played so no complaints, except they really COULD get away with not playing HSD, HMD, ITMWLY and Hate it Here damn near every show (i've seen them seven times now the last three years and i'm pretty sure they've played all those songs at every one, plus other shows i've listened to in various places). Anyone else notice they played 0 songs from Being There and from Wilco the album? The first seven songs alternated between Whole Love and YHF, kinda cool. 2 Mermaid Ave (more tonight I hope, play the whole dan
  5. Wolf Trap is notoriously hard-ass on its curfew, it's for real, so it is problemmatic to have an opening band there and a show that starts at 8, they either need to start earlier or do another "Evening with Wilco" (PLEASE!!! That tour sans opening acts, 3 hour shows, no break, going into and out of the acoustic songs with set changes, was unreal!). Another thing they could do is bag the encore break, just keep playing, get another song in rather than bothering to go offstage for 3 minutes and come back on. Nels was smoking on Ashes and IG, but also playing rythm on some other songs too. As usu
  6. Phenomenal show, as always, and interesting set list. Was surprised their weren't more Mermaid Ave songs with Woody's 100th b-day, maybe more tonight. No songs from Wilco the album, and I wish they'd play more Summerteeth tunes. Art of Almost was smokin', becoming a real highlight, and Too Far Apart/Always in Love was indeed a highlight, among many. Encore was great, thought they might segue from Hoodoo Voodoo into I'm a Wheel, as they often do, and I thought, hey they have time, it's not 11:00 yet and it's a short, fast song, but maybe the curfew really was 10:55. The reason for curfew is ind
  7. great show, got tix for three shows coming up, thanks XRT!
  8. hoodoo voodoo! maybe i'm a wheel to end? often follows hoodoo voodoo
  9. the best songs will never get sung the best laugh never leaves your lungs very zen master tweedy!
  10. i like that lyric what you once were isn't what you wanna be anymore yeah that was annoying
  11. if it's a standing show i always stand on his side. my tix in a few wks at wolf trap are on the pat side, unfortunately
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