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  1. I haven't been on here in a few years, but I've thought about it a lot. I remember posting this several years ago and re-reading it, I still think it's true, so giving it a bump. Hope you're all doing fine.
  2. Incredible show. I requested "I Have A Little Dreidel" but Jeff said he wasn't Jewish enough to sing it... so fun. I thought he sounded absolutely great, very solid setlist. He did play a long time, but I always wish it was longer. Hope everyone is well! I've been on hiatus from the boards haha.
  3. Hey everybody - sorry I've been away... just a lot of moving, changes in the life over the past year or two! Still as big a fan as ever though. I got a last minute ticket to see U2 on Saturday and Bono sang the first verse of Far, Far Away - ending on the words "kiss and ride on the CTA." They played it in some really bizaare U2-kind-of-way with a lot of high-pitched ambient guitar rocking going on and Bono completely changed the melody to the point I kept saying "is that? wait, is that really? huh, is Bono singing Far, Far Away? What's going on here?!?!?" It was a cool show, obviously - j
  4. I showed up about an hour and ten minutes before doors and could have been in line early enough to request something (anyone before the alleyway, basically). But, the line was so short and it was sort of cold so we went hunting for some hot chocolate instead. By the time I got back (about one hour before doors, the line had started up again just passed the alley and requests didn't make it quite that far).
  5. Chiyowwww Chiyowwwww So good, will post more later. Can't wait to see the setlist, I have a terrible short term memory - but he started with Remember The Mountain Bed and ended with The Thanks I Get (sans-mic).
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone... Pompei was AWFUL! Should've listened to Edie - as usual! THE SHOW, however, WAS AMAZING
  7. Where should I eat tonight before the show? I want to be able to get in line about an hour early, so I can try to get some good seats in the Baclony, too. I'm in from MPLS - any advice for me and the lady (food nearby that we can jump in line right away?) NN
  8. I hate to make this thread the one I post in first after disappearing for about a year from the forums...but holy shit I don't think I've missed much.
  9. Thanks, thats good news! Hopefully the one I got was a fluke - they were nice enough to ship out a replacement.
  10. I ordered the entire set. Built some custom frames (on the cheap). They posters arrived. Feb. 18 (the third in the series) is cut exactly 12 inches wide (instead of 12.25). They're sending me another but I'm worried it was a mistake on all of them. Can anyone confirm? I know it sounds like a small difference but after building the frames exactly on measure, I was very disappointed. Thanks for helping!
  11. Okay, I seriously apologize if this has been mentioned before, I've been gone a while. If you have HD cable from Comcast you should be able to find this on the Havoc OnDemand channel. If not, those folks are kind enough to give us some choice footage from the Kicking Television gigs. Remember those? http://havoctv.com/index?a=1143
  12. It's here: http://wilcoworld.net//roadcase/webcast/08...iera/index.html
  13. I missed this one, but word has it that Tweedy and the boys from Golden Smog played at Obama's rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis yesterday (Feb. 2, 2008). Can anyone confirm, comment? Sorry, just saw the other thread. Nevermind.
  14. I can B&P it, too, if anyone needs it - but honestly I probably won't be able to send out right away.
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