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  1. No working zipper on this remaster....I have a remastered CD from the late 90s (i think ?) that is basically a replica of the entire album including the working zipper. I also have the Exile remaster in the same vein, with all the included post cards, etc. It seems like these remasters are more about the music being "modernized" then replicating the actual original vinyl records. I do like the bonus discs for the 3 albums done so far. Joel
  2. The book on recording the Beatles is a fun read if you skip around. If you try to read it straight through, it gets boring after awhile because it's almost TOO detailed. And I love reading about equipment and general useless knowledge about musicians. But if you can find it cheap, it's interesting to be able to look up a session or a song and see some of how they did it.
  3. I can confirm that he doesn't use any looping or prerecorded tracks. I saw him in Minneapolis last summer and he made some comments aroung how people have been saying he uses prerecorded tracks because there's no way he can make all the sounds they're hearing by himself. He said "I just want to say for the record, that i DO NOT use any prerecorded or looped tracks." He then proceeded to tear into Bad Gasoline all by himself. I followed his fingers very closely as i was sitting pretty close and he really does do it all himself. The beauty of travis picking is that the 2 fingers give you flex
  4. Thank you everyone, I love the idea of all of these songs, especially the Staple Singers and the Mermaid Avenue stuff. How cool would it be to get 14-17 year old kids to learn some great music and get a congregation of people into some more secular music ? The idea of these kids playing People Get Ready has got me really excited.
  5. Thanks guys, I like all the ideas so far, I'll take all the songs I can get !
  6. Hello all, I think I've posted here once but I really respect everyone's takes on music around here and love reading the dialogue on a daily basis. I've been asked by the church I belong to to (2 to's together never seem like correct grammar)put together a band of High School aged members of the church and mentor them (and play with them) for church and other functions. It was the kids' idea originally and we want to make it happe Sn. Here's the challenge. The kids don't want to do religious hymns or overly obvious religious songs. They want to do more secular music but it would need to be
  7. The Kids by Lou Reed....that whole album is a sad one.
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