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  1. A good friend of mine worked with BoH for a while. He says they’re a great bunch of guys.
  2. Actually, I believe I owe YOU a drink and a sandwich.
  3. On the Star Wars tour they played the album in its entirety before playing older songs. I’d say that’s giving new material pretty fair representation. On every album-promoting tour I’ve seen they play a sizable amount of said album. As a band with such a long history, I’m not sure what more they could do to try to keep everyone happy.Your definition of “nostalgia act” seems to be a band with a large back catalog. As to not playing developing markets, that’s up to them. They’ve been around long enough to know what works and what’s not worth the effort. I don’t think they’re interested in conque
  4. Gorgeous album. I can’t stop listening. The first track, Hitch Hikin’ is particularly beautiful.
  5. As will this one. The karaoke thing really bummed me out and I’m still not feeling it, but I’m starting to get excited for Solid Sound again.
  6. Buy Warm again in order to get Warmer? But wait, there’s less - no digital download available?! What the hell?
  7. This is a terrible idea. After two years, I want to hear Wilco, not 5-10 randos playing American Idol. That’s potentially an hour of the set utterly wasted for me. At the moment im about 50/50 on selling our tickets.
  8. You must’ve been standing next to my friend Knotgreen. Wish I’d known there were other VCers there. Always nice to put faces to screen names.
  9. Such a great show. I got my request, One Sunday Morning, and finally got to hear Gun live. Jeff was in a great mood. The only downside was the incredibly loud and obnoxious woman seated directly behind us. I had to ask her to keep it down. Just an awful person.
  10. Later this year?!? What the hell? Just release it!
  11. Those were my daughters. Jeff was really sweet with them, smiling and making a lot of eye contact during his short set. It was a really special experience for them (and me).
  12. NYC shows are always far more expensive. I generally see Jeff/Wilco in CT, RI & MA and tickets are usually around $45, give or take. Edit: Just checked - our tickets for Jeff’s Boston show in April were $37.50 ($41 after fees).
  13. I was standing right next to Knotgreen, and I don’t think Jeff was being a dick at all. To the contrary, he seemed to be in a great mood all night, and even the few “rowdy” fans shut up pretty quickly. I thought it was a great crowd. Yes, there was a lot of talking in the back during Ohmme’s set, but they were pretty awful. I’m always against talking during any performance, but yikes. Maybe their studio output is better? Edit: I don’t want to sound mean about Ohmme. They seemed like nice girls & their voices were fine, but their live performance needs work.
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