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  1. just checking on here - hi everyone. anyone have a waffles invite (please!)?
  2. this thread makes me sad. my grandpa played "hawaiian guitar" with hank williams, and his lap steel he was going to give me was pawned by his gold digging second wife. there's no way i could ever be happy with a lap steel that wasn't grandpa's 1929 model. that said, ignore the cheap one you linked. the name ROGUE is appropriate. it's theft. get something marginally good at a marginal price. this will frustrate you. the rogue 12 string i bought was held together with elmer's glue and fell apart quickly.
  3. carvin has inexpensive in-ear monitor systems.
  4. i have an es-335 and a les paul. both are awesome, but i should mention the DOT you're thinking of isn't a hollow-body, it's semi-hollow with a solid core, meaning it will feed back less at high gain, but still have lots of versatility. i've always found fenders to sound kinda snotty and nutless. i'm kinda juvenile in that i want a guitar tone that will shake my ass when i stand near the amp. get a dot, especially if you can find one c. 2003! i LIKE the fender tele, but it's not my tone. it's a bit too quacky for my sound. i prefer my LP.
  5. as i said, i watch cops A LOT. tasers were developed so cops wouldn't have to shoot people. now it's a threat weapon used for convenience quite often.
  6. thanks! i got a nice chuckle from that. i was born in 75, but didn't start listening to stuff that wasn't hardcore/punk/metal until maybe 7 years ago. i've listened to a lot of GP since then though.
  7. i watch cops (A LOT), sometimes looking for former students. I see tazers a lot. that guy = his prank edit: less than is the sign i meant to use. oops. i fuckin LOVE dirty work.
  8. where does it begin? vaudeville? spike jones? perhaps you don't want to go that far - spinal tap?
  9. exactly the right thing to post. this is without sarcasm, btw.
  10. oh humorless. do a google search for rick roll. the setup couldn't have possibly been better. and dude, "reported" is not the preferred nomenclature. it reeks of hall monitor.
  11. WARNING FROM MULTIPLE VIA CHICAGO USERS: CLICKING ON THIS LINK MIGHT SCREW UP YOUR PC, SO DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. was it Admin edit: Link above removed for annoyance factor. Thank you.
  12. yeah, what happened in that game? it was like a hockey game where both teams pulled their goalies. there were no punts at all in the second or third quarter. crazy.
  13. the argument that they're in trouble because they got caught is disturbing and clinton-esque. they're in trouble because they cheated. not everyone else does it, the patriots do it.
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