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  1. anyone comment on the odd sound of Sunken Treasure on 2/20?
  2. wrong about I Must Be High and Hotel Arizona. but oh well.
  3. all told, they did play two of the rarest songs in their catalog. I Thought I Held You (played once), and Leave Me Like You Found Me (unplayed).
  4. appreciate the "even you." thanks Andy. Mermaid Ave are their LP's, the 2 from More Like the Moon were on LP's. i'm not disappointed, they were good shows. i do wish they would've dug deeper, but i'm not disappointed.
  5. i have a feeling we'll never see I Thought I Held You again. unless they do the "all the songs" thing next time, again. haha. looks like it was almost first time played. only other time was in a studio in MN.
  6. great show. no surprises sans Blood of the Lamb and Just a Kid, but still a really solid show. a bit sad they only added 8 new songs on the final night, 5 of which were mandatory, but still i loved it. probably the best setlist of all, but i still think Monday was my favorite to be at.
  7. so, what was up with Sunken Treasure? it was a different version. i was standing there like "wtf?" sorry, not as versed as some of you
  8. i'm not sure, but i don't think so. it's a full show, and it's in Oregon.
  9. i wish someone would take a good picture of the other side, where the R isn't messed up. but by now i think the letters are screwed up too much.
  10. my favorite show to listen to is actually the last show they played it, 9/04/03. it's a board, and it's such a tight show.
  11. from another board i read: so true. very exciting.
  12. Laminated Cat is Loose Fur. Not For the Season is Wilco. they were playing it in 2003 and it's on the YHF demos.
  13. we're counting them. it's just that they'll play Wilco songs first and foremost. he mentioned mermaid ave as secondary. but here's the list: http://forums.viachicago.org/index.php?s=&...t&p=1064365
  14. yeah i think with all the Wilco songs there are still, UT would be last on their list for these shows.
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