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  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I was on the 4th row center, but didn't get any cool shots. I thought the show (which was my 3rd) was amazing...yes, there were a few (like maybe 5-10) folks towards the front not into the show, but most everyone I saw was up, moving/dancing, singing every line they knew, and having a great time. Glad they came to Little Rock finally.
  2. No problem Brian!!! Better late than never! It is much appreciated, and I will start downloading pronto. Thanks again--Adam
  3. Great pictures...thanks for sharing! Now I just wish a recording would surface soon...
  4. A few pages back, Brian Sax said he taped...I've PMed him but have gotten no reply (he hasn't logged on in a while). Does anybody know anything about a tape of this show?
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