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  1. Nice, I love Company in my Back. Great song
  2. hell ya, the end of Germany is sick. I think they'll cool off with Sky Blue Sky and do another rocker next.
  3. Sounds great, shot in the arm is always appreciated by me
  4. I'm back on. Damn, just missed Kamara. Jeff is bantering. nice handshake drugs. Time to light up this joint and kick back with nice cold Becks
  5. Nels sounds like he has recovered well. Nice, Seeds!
  6. I love when they open with you are my face!
  7. Alright, I'm calling a Side With the Seeds show opener. maybe I'll get my Always in Love that I missed earlier this summer later on tonight
  8. Whats up everyone? Happy Friday. 20 minutes to show time! I'm psyched. This will be the first I've heard of them since my mini 3 show run in New Engald in June. I hope they're rocking even harder this time around. Have a good show everyone!
  9. i hope they don't go on until the fix this
  10. something is definately wrong on their end. i clicked on their chat window and it locked my laptop up for 5-10min.
  11. damn, i got kicked off, i hope we don't miss anything
  12. nice, i'm all good now, have a good show everybody! I'm calling you are my face opener
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