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  1. The one downside to my new acoustic amp...no Notch Filter for those troublesome frequencies. And I am getting a little trouble from some of my low end frequencies. Is there a pedal/other option where I can get a Notch Filter to solve this? So far Ive only found the BBE Acoustimax Sonic Maximizer... Any thoughts?
  2. Update: So I went to a local music shop (Watermelon Music in Davis, CA) and played through a bunch of Acoustic combos. I ended up getting the SWR Cali Blonde, plus the guy sold it to me at cost. Score. I really like it. It is pretty fuckin heavy, but its also much louder then anything else I played through. It seems to have more potential for the tone I am looking for with my band too, cause I play with a trio and my acoustic guitar is very low ended, so it often gets lost in the mix. This amp gives it a little more bite, so I think it will work out great. We have rehearsal on Sun
  3. Yeah I suppose looking into getting a good PA is an option I havent thought about. I just really like being somewhat portable when we have to be. Especially since most places that dont have their own PAs are pretty small places to begin with. I really like the California Blonde, but I talked to a couple people about it and they said they were not fans of the tone. I also wish it didnt weigh in at 50+ lbs.
  4. That is good news, cause I am really hoping about 100W would cut it. Anything over that starts to get a bit pricy. The Fishman Loudbox is pretty affordable though. I just cant believe how disappointing the LR Baggs Combo Amp is. Specifically because I have always loved LR Baggs products.
  5. Yeah I already know that tube watts translates to much more power then the equivalent solid state wattage. I guess what I am looking for is how much solid state wattage I would need to match my 15W of tube. Cause my Pro Junior is certainly loud enough for rehearsals/gigging, but its not something I would use for an acoustic guitar, or vocals. The Core 1 has a DI out which would be cool to use, but my goal in getting a combo amp is to make my band completely self sufficient for venues that do no have PA's etc. etc.
  6. Sorry Ive got no pics, but maybe I will soon (I need to get a camera). What Im gigging with: '68 Gibson F-25 Acoustic Split signal through = Volume - Holy Grail - Digitech Delay - Moog Analog Delay '69 Reissue Telecaster XII Through = Janglebox Compressor - Not So Ol' Yeller Overdrive Into = Pro Junior, Or AC15 Heritage, Depending on how much I feel like carrying. On home shows I also break out '68 Barney Kessel for a song or two. Stuff I just have in my collection and mess around with at home: '57 Reissue Strat Martin DC1XE Reverend something-or-other Rat distortion Zvex
  7. I am in need of an Acoustic Combo amp for rehearsals/gigging and I need something loud enough. My little 15W Pro Junior works for electric for pretty much most of the gigs we are playing now. When I need the kick, I either mic it or I break out my AC15. I was wondering if anyone knew about what that 15W of tube may translate to in standard watt output. I recently got the LR Baggs Core 1 after months of waiting and waiting, because it was advertised as a 200W amp on musiciansfriend, and was small and compact. This is not the case. It is not loud at all, and isnt even good enough for
  8. I really want a twelve string and I have an old Tele I was thinking of customizing anyway. Would it be at all possible to customize this into a 12 String? Any and all help would be awesome on this if you guys know anything about the following: 1 - is it possible? I suppose everything is 2 - Where can I get parts? 3 - Would I have to change pickups, neck, headstock, etc? Thanks guys.
  9. Ive got the VOX handwired AC15 heritage Amp Head with the EF86 channel in it as well. I was reading a little bit up on it and someone mentioned 'jumpering' the two channels to blend the two tones? How does one go about doing this in the most efficient way? Also if I place some sort of volume control between the head and the speaker, will this allow me to crank the head at much higher volumes? It seems obvious that it will, but I dont want to take any chances. Circuitry and electronics are not my specialty. Thanks for your help guys.
  10. My typical setup has always just been using reverb (Holy Grail) and a little delay once in a while, but I have a new guitarist in my band these days and we have combined our miscellaneous pedal collections and are trying to put together his board for use in the band. Here is what we have off the top of my head: Overdrive (TS10), Prunes and Custard, Fuzz (Addrock Smile), Digitech Chorus, Digitech SuperShifter, Digitech DD-3 Delay, Digitech Compression/Sustain, Moog Ring Modulator, and Moog Analog Delay. I was wondering if anyone could provide advice as to what pedals work best in certain p
  11. I just got one of these, and the thing is pretty incredible (as it should be for the cost). However I was wondering if anyone else had one of these and had any suggestions for different settings and tips on using it. I would love any help or advice. Thanks in advance dudes and dude-ettes.
  12. Thanks for the tips guys. I will go try out a bunch today. Right now the RAT is on the top of my list, just based on price alone. Thanks again.
  13. So I have been falling in love with the sound of Distorted Acoustic guitars thanks to things like Neutral Milk Hotel, the version of 'Camera' from the More like the Moon EP, and even Feists 'I Feel it All'. I was just wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for how to get this type of sound. I was going to just go pick up a RAT distortion or something, but I figured it would be smart for me to check it out with you guys first, as I always come here with gear questions. Thanks in advance dudes and dude-ettes.
  14. I only say the "early models" in my review because in my own research of this guitar, they state that the original design had flat bridges. I do not know if this was fixed in later models. The one I purchased is a '68, and while the bridge is not flat, I have reason to believe it was adjusted, cause I do have a very very slight intonation problem with the low e-string (really it just requires some slight fine tuning every time I use a capo, etc. - which isnt an uncommon thing). My style is generally rhythm and finger-picking. Even when I do strum I generally just use my thumg on the low s
  15. I just got one of these about a month ago and have NEVER been happier with a guitar purchase. Of course the wide neck is perfect for my style of playing. The tone is incredibly warm, and I had an L.R. Baggs M1A installed and the thing sounds incredible. Ive even thought of looking for a second one to have for a backup, but I cant justify that yet. These guitars were originally designed for Flamenco guitar players (so they say) - hence the pickguard on each side. But it is a damn cool guitar. The only thing you have to be careful of is the intonation, especially on the earlier models, b
  16. It was a place called Gruhn Guitars. They were pretty good. I mean I had no real complaint with them. The salesman I talked to all over the phone was very helpful and brutally honest about every guitar I asked about. They were also very helpful with the whole destroyed guitar situation. Check em out at gruhn.com. They have some cool stuff including a Byrdland owned by Jerry Garcia that they just added the other day.
  17. So as some of you remember (from a previous post) I was awaiting a '69 Barney Kessel Original that I had ordered from a vintage guitar store based in Nashville that I had found online. I had been waiting for about a month while I put down deposits and figured out my money situation to make it work. Well it finally arrived Thursday morning (while I was at work)...so I anxiously awaited til I could get away a couple hours to go play it for a bit. I finally made it home around 2pm, washed up a bit, and began the process of unpacking the guitar. I got down to the original hard case and was ha
  18. Thanks for all the really great advice guys, seriously. You guys rock.
  19. I was kindof fearing that using a good low end would make the three piece completely low ended. But I guess you are saying more to have a good low end - not TOO much low end. Thats another thing I am worried about, cause Im certainly not the best electric guitar player, and its really a whole new world I am trying to figure out. Any pointers or tricks I should know? I am so used to playing acoustic, sometimes I feel completely lost with all that sound coming back at me. Any good songs to learn electric on that might help with my playing? I already learned Hate it Here for that pur
  20. Ok so heres the deal. I am primarily an acoustic guitar player, but recently have been putting together a new band where I get to plug in one of my few great guitars and rock out a little. Because the world of electric guitar is so new to me, I am kindof lost on what to do for tone. I have all sorts of great equipment to work with, and on top of that, am willing to spend more on stuff I could really use. The band is a three piece (bass, drums, and guitar), so I am trying to find a happy medium with a not-quite rhythm, not quite lead tone. I will not be doing any face ripping solos a
  21. I honestly dont know the specifics, it was some midi bass synth I found in my many days of brainstorming with my producer in the studio. Ill have to get back to you on those specifics. Im glad you liked it though. Thanks a lot man, thanks for listening.
  22. Hey guys, I recently finished my first album ever. I spent a lot of time on it, and Im really excited about people hearing it whether or not they like it or not. Haha. Im releasing it exactly one year after I joined this community which I thought was cool. But anyways, if any of you have time, you can listen to 5 tracks off of it here: not an Airplane Myspace Thanks for your time guys, let me know what you think. Good (if any) and bad.
  23. I've thought of that...but I move around too much when playing for that option. I could get a mic that clips to the guitar...I think Ive seen pickups that have a condenser mic like that...I bet they are pricey though.
  24. Hello everyone who is better then me at guitar...which is a lot of you. I am a pretty decent guitarist with a pick in my hand, but when it comes to fingerpicking I dont know where to begin, besides maybe picking the bass note of a chord in contrast to the higher notes. I was wondering if you guys could point me in the direction of some good fingerpicking excersizes, tricks and things of that nature. It would be very much appreciated.
  25. Hey dudes... Wondering if there are other things I should know about for improving my live Acoustic sound besides pickin up a better PA and or pickup. Ive seen those preamps and things of that nature...just wondering if anyone has any thing to say about this... Thanks in advance for all your help. Nick
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