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  1. Why is it offensive to consider the impact of exponential population growth? Because it questions the responsibility of that choice?
  2. I saw Joe Pug at ribfest, singer songwriter guy, he's doing well.
  3. I don't think it's unrealistic to think the 'evangelical vote' is in-play with Obama. We have for so long assumed that this bloc would go to the republican side that it seems unthinkable. Like the previous poster said I do think theologically, the christian platform of social justice, fighting poverty, tolerance, and pacifism falls closer to the obama side of the fence interms of the war, economic distribution, healthcare, and others (certianly neither candidate emobdies any of these platforms completely, for example imagine how well a pacifist candidate for presidency would do (when was the l
  4. Hey that's not fair, you forgot to mention Mccain graduated second from the bottom of his class.
  5. Sigh. I didn't say YOU were stupid, I said YOUR statement was stupid. Which it was. It was a poor generalization of several traits which you assume to be socialist leaning ones. You also condem a man in a country where we supposedly have freedom of association without criminalization.
  6. What a stupid thing to say. Obama's no socialist in speech or action. Obama is a democratic centerist if you need to label him. He has no liberal stances outside of the centerist democrat platform on gun control or abortion or gay marriage. All these labels we use in politics are endemic to the continued selection of poor leaders. Every candidate in my lifetime has labeled himself as a christian of some type yet we've never had a pacifist president or one who added more than lipservice to working on poverty and hunger.
  7. I wanted to see Honeyboy Edwards yesterday but I didn't get a chance to get out there. Ah well, I think he is playing again later in the festival.
  8. a shorter primary would have helped hillary due to her overwhelming name recognition to obama. Had we had a month long debate period and national voter she would have faired much better. It's an arduous process, but if it gives the candidates a chance to get out to all the states then so be it. If we truely want to foster the notion that 'anyone can be president' I think a long primary is important to allow the dark horses to get ahead. on the other hand the cost factor tends to limit the anyone to anyone who has a lot of money.
  9. I like Jack's music a lot but that documentary depressed me. I felt bad for his daughter, it seems like everyone around him had to spend their lives making excuses for his coldness, like he had nothing to give when he wasn't on stage.
  10. In every one of his primary speches (plus his michigan speech on the day of the va primary) he addressed several region specific plans. For example in the michican speech he addressed how to stimulate the auto economy and the region with a plan of tax breaks for green industries and alternative fuels and local manufacturing, and touched on ways of fostering job growth. If you have a point, it's that the media doesn't regurgitate specifics well enough for you. When you expect to get a fully detaled platform from the 4 min of election coverage on the local news this can seem to be the case.
  11. Ana Ng She's an Angel Till My Head Falls Off We Want a Rock The sun is a mass of incandesent gas - I think this is a cover?
  12. Bo hasn't minded dying at least since he was 22. I like the Townes Van Zandy 'who do you love'.
  13. It's just a man and a horse being hung out there.
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