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  1. two seats in the front row (AA) $100 gets the pair holler
  2. our group has two extra in row S $100 gets them to the first to respond will meet at bar across street before show thank you
  3. Will there be a password needed for today's presale? It's been a while since I've done this. any help is appreciated
  4. hi there, I was able to secure 2 tix in the 3rd row of the balcony. Any experienced Riverside patron will tell you that these are fabulous seats. However, I will be having knee surgery a few days prior, and would prefer not to navigate the stairs in a crowd. I would love to trade for any two floor seats that are together. I'll even throw in a little beer money of necessary. I will be happy to meet you where/when you need. please e-mail me at nickomalley1@gmail.com many thanks
  5. they are playing it live right now here
  6. mardog

    Presale help

    thanks for pointing me in the right direction. that looks helpful
  7. mardog

    Presale help

    hey folks, It's been a while since I've done a Wilco presale, and need to on Wednesday. Any info you have would be helpful. Do we do it through Wilcoweb? or through a "frontgate" website? will we need a password? are the listed times local times? any tips are appreciated. thanks a bunch
  8. this band is very good live. enjoy
  9. I live relatively close to the airport, and will be taking a cab home I suggest you do the same
  10. in balcony. face + fees kicker = need to meet in Milwaukee prior to the nights of the shows SOLD. THANKS
  11. I should have mentioned this a couple of days ago, but *WARNING* beware if you are buying second-hand tix for 4/15 The Pabst accidentally sent out two orders of tix to every costomer who bought through their pre-sale. I know, as I received two sets of tix, an e-mail, and even a phone call from the Pabst. The real tix have the larger of the two serial #s underneath the bar code. the way I see it, SCUMBAGS COULD EASILY SELL YOU THE BUNK TIX. What's to stop them? They are official, hard tix; but they won't get you in the door. just a heads up
  12. sold (in principle) thanks
  13. there are many hotels within walking distance. Hilton, Doubletree, Metro, Wisconsin, & others
  14. I have an extra 4/14 on the second floor I prefer to meet (in Milwaukee) on an evening prior to that night, as I plan to be celebrating the night of the show if you can make that happen, hit me
  15. I would wager that most top architects would say that do know something about the construction of my house.
  16. not trying to be a prick, but you should have expected that. There were only about 500 tix being sold today
  17. got two wednesdays, 3rd balcony maybe I'll do better tomorrow is there a limit on how many you can put on a credit card or address?
  18. the safe house is pretty cool for tourists, new-comers, etc. I avoid it. also, I'm pretty sure Milwaukee's Mexican population makes their food in a pretty similar fashion to Chicago's or any other Northern city's
  19. I actually AM 6'5" 275, and will be standing in row H I would predict that, for most of the show, the floor will stand while the balconies will sit.
  20. you haven't done Lakefront, eh? Koz's does rule though
  21. dude. Skip Miller. Lakefront tour is where it's at. no-brainer.
  22. just for fun. I check to see what I could get in Bloomington (at 10:50 am cst), and I could have gotten two for eight row
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