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  1. That happened to me for the Minneapolis show, as well.
  2. Had tickets for Minneapolis 1 in my cart at exactly 10:00am this morning. Went to check out, and Front Gate checkout wouldn't move past the Credit Card screen. Tried for several minutes to get it to move on, then my session timed out. I took a screen shot of both the cart page and the checkout page. Front Gate told me there's nothing they can do. So, no tickets for me. Blah.
  3. My friend and I have decided to fly out to Hartford (MMmmmmmmm, love those airline employee benefits!) to see the guys before they head to Europe. We're looking for 2 for the Hartford show. Please message me if you have any available! Thanks! Umma24@hotmail.com
  4. Thanks for the tip. I got the Courtyard Marriott!
  5. Hi, y'all! I'm flying in to MKE for both shows (working for an airline is GREAT). Unfortunately, the hotels downtown close to the venue are out of my price range. I was wondering if there were any kind souls staying close to the airport that have a car/truck/van/SUV that would be willing to allow me to bum a ride. I could compensate with adult beverages before, during, or after the show, even! I can supply references from my cell mates stating that i'm just your run-of-the-mill looney, not a deranged axe murderer. thanks all!
  6. I could only find "Pot Kettle Black". I"d love to see the others.
  7. Set list: Hell is Chrome You are My Face Company in My Back Via Chicago (i think)........... and then i lost it........ It's hard texting to yourself while trying to enjoy a show. It was definately a great show. Band seemed relaxed after a short break from touring. We were 6th row, Floor 3 (left-hand side), right in front of a speaker stack. it was load during the show, but the second encore was FUCKING loud. Painful, even. But, Red-eyed and blue, I got You, and Casino Queen were worth it!
  8. Seating chart: http://www1.umn.edu/umato/seating_chart_northrop.html I have MF 4, row 32, if you still need a ticket. Email me at umma24@hotmail.com Bryan
  9. I ended up with one extra ticket for the 10/10 minneapolis show. MF 4, Row 32, Seat 4. Asking face + service fees (total $45). Shoot me an email at umma24@hotmail.com if you're interested. bryan
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