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  1. B ) Each member of the band can singlehandedly outperform him and has made better records on their bad days than this guy's best days.


    You have clearly never seen Neil Young play live

  2. Wow, after listening all day I really love this record. I like how it sounds like he didnt really put too much effort into it, I don't mean that like its lazy it just sounds very effortless

    Hope this is coming out on vinyl

  3. Thanks.


    I recorded it in Garageband. Acoustic guitar and vocals were recorded with a USB condenser mic. Piano was recorded on my korg keyboard running into my computer and the strings were, unfortunately, not real and played on my keyboard. But I'm glad they sound good enough.


    they sound really good, i was sure they were real strings

  4. I really like my bands cover of Becks The Golden Age


    I'm digging that, too!

    Very nice work. I really enjoy the slide; nice and spacey.


    I love the vocal on it, it's incredible, we set up a single 57 and he nailed it first take with the acoustic same take. I put bucketloads of reverb on my guitar to cover mistakes since I've never really tried to play slide before but it came out pretty nice. one of those lovely accidents i think

  5. Just got my new Blues Jr. home from the store and i've noticed it's doing a couple of odd things, at about half volume loud stabs will make the the amp rattle, I have a feeling this may just be the reverb but its hard to tell, but when I crank it almost full whack it makes a kind of moaning hum, is this normal for the volume or is something not right?


    It was the last one off the floor anday had been the demo, they told me I could bring it back and swap it for a new one when they came in if I liked, I may do this anyway just to get a boxed one but would rather not have the hassle of going back to the shop


    any thoughts?

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