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  1. The deluxe package is 11.99 on iTunes. Well worth it. Not a fan of "Touch the Stars" It sounds like a Vagabonds track.
  2. Man the Foo Fighters and Waters killed it last night on Fallon.
  3. http://stereogum.com/824012/the-shins-kick-off-jimmy-fallons-pink-floyd-week-with-breathe/video/# Great cover of "Breathe" last night by the Shins. Such a timeless piece of music.
  4. I might be wrong, but I think they wrote most of the lyrics quickly. I do agree that some of the lyrics sound rushed. However, the lyrics to "Guilder Annie" and "Black Eyed Susan" are outstanding. "Black Eyed Susan" was actually part of the band's Mystery Demos from the early 90's, so that makes sense. I get the feeling "Guilder Annie" has also been around. My initial comment to you though was concerning repetitive choruses. That's always been a Jayhawks style.
  5. Man that material on Colbert was pretty bad.
  6. Man was that SNL performance bad. What happened to this band?
  7. I guess you didn't listen to Hollywood Town Hall or Tomorrow the Green Grass much.
  8. The album is definitely a grower. I felt the same way on the first few listens. Pop it in the car and go for a drive. This record smokes "Rainy Day Music".
  9. This band just disappeared up it's own ass after Kid A. Boring, samey songs. Happens to all bands, eventually.
  10. After a bunch of listens, this is defintiely better than Rainy Day Music.
  11. I respect this band. A lot. They are one of my favorite of all time. Their run from Bunkhouse to Tomorrow the Green grass was stellar, and a bunch of songs from Sound of Lies, Smile, and Rainy Day Music would add up to a very good record. Edit: This one's a grower.
  12. Great songs do everything well. The last time that happened for Radiohead was "Pyramid Song".
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