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  1. so, yep. lookin' to buy two. totally missed the boat and the tickets sold out super fast. feel so stupid. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out. email me at sdorazi@g.risd.edu. thanks bumpin
  2. listening back to this now...Deeper Down has to be one of their best songs ever. It sounds just as good as I remember it sounding when I was there. Damn, I wish the whole album was as good as this song.
  3. I feel like the fact it's called Wilco (The Album) is pretty adequate. If I had to describe this to anyone I'd say it's Wilco's entire career packed into one album. There's some of the sonic weirdness, some of the structural weirdness, some of the lyrical genius, some of the fun, some of the pop, some of the country-ish tendencies.
  4. haha, there's no more sweet jazz fills from Nels in I'll Fight anymore
  5. thanks for the info. starts of pretty strong.
  6. ive been staring at my email box! sdorazi at g dot risd dot edu if anyone of you would be so awesome. I edited my thread but think it didnt get seen.
  7. yeah, I dont have a what as well. though this is a dick move. I could use some help if anyone were to be generous enough. sdorazi at g dot risd dot edu if you would, pleaase
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