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  1. Thanks a million Tug! I'm a bit bummed they played summerteeth last night, I've always wanted to hear it live. Now off to philly!!!!!!
  2. Does anyone have a setlist from last night? I'm going tonight in Philly and I'm dying to find out what they played.
  3. Did anyone do any artwork for night 3? I hate to sound greedy, it's just that i'm a total idiot at that sort of thing.
  4. Thank you much mr. cars! I appreciate you taking the time to tag all the files. You'll hear no complaints here about the format. I'm now salivating at the thought of being 14th row at saturday's show in philly!
  5. The biggest problem with the ticket sales this morning was to alow an 8 seat max per order. The scalpers were buying up rows in droves. Bastards!
  6. Flac to MP3 instructions Here is a link to step by step directions to convert Flac files to MP3s for anyone who needs it. I found it very helpful. Thanks Owl for the mother load!!!
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