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  1. Wilco 2 nights, tweedy, beck, war on drugs, langhorne slim, avett bros, trampled by turtles, patti smith! Jolie holland, MMJ, Dawes,----my wish list so far.
  2. thank you for posting, sweet interview.
  3. Robert Plant https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=823638241004021&id=116206108413908
  4. Hi everyone! I have one extra ticket for Jeff in Philly on Sept 21st @ The Merriam Theater, location is orchestra center row Q seat 101. I'll let it go for less than I paid. if interested email me: hazel080@yahoo.com.
  5. Sorry to hear about this, my deepest sympathies.
  6. Heading north sometime Thursday morning, safe travels everyone!
  7. Reggie Watts, I'm excited! check it!
  8. You're both very lucky to have seen Wilco in the beginning, i didn't even know about them at that time, not until later in the 90's, summerteeth was the first record i heard. i did get to see Led Zepplin twice in the 70s...i was at the MSG show in NYC, the shows that produced the movie 'the song remains the same'...then saw them again later in the 70s. imagine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNVRIPgfRNE&feature=related
  9. There is video of a young Jeff in shorts and high top chucks when he was in tupelo. Whoo Hoo. I think its the video of them covering Dylan's "knockin on heavens door" .
  10. Everytime I see Jeff perform I think about how hot he must be. Even at the inside shows during winter. I always say to myself I wish he had short sleeves on. I'm tired of seeing him in his jean jackets and suit jackets. I wanna see more skin! We love you Jeff
  11. I have one hard ticket for section 201 row F, 40$ Can meet up before the show at venue. Reply here or Email me @: hazel080@yahoo.com
  12. I love the owl. More owls!!
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